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  • News Leaked FIFA 19 Gameplay Looks a Lot Like FIFA

    Who'd have thunk

    Around ten minutes of FIFA 19 gameplay has hit the 'net via Reddit, showcasing a Europa League match between Manchester City and Manchester United. They must have been booted out of the Champions League early? Unsurprisingly the gameplay looks very... FIFA. There are some of those new animations on display, though, an




  • News Shadow of the Tomb Raider Cinematic Trailer Leaked


    Yesterday we saw Shadow of the Tomb Raider's pre-order options, box art, and screenshots ahead of the game's official unveiling, and today we also have the trailer, which has appeared early thanks to Microsoft. You can watch said trailer through here, and it's a mood-setting CG piece. It looks pretty great from where we're sitting. It seems...

  • News Shadow of the Tomb Raider Art and Assets Leak

    Lara Croft looks different again

    Shadow of the Tomb Raider was revealed to the media at a swanky London venue earlier today, but you’ll need to wait until tomorrow to see all of the goods. Or at least, that’s what Square Enix was hoping – the Internet has other ideas. In traditional fashion, practically everything has leaked, so enjoy these...









  • News PS4 Shooter Battlefield 1 to Launch with 10 Maps

    Multiplayer modes and more leaked

    Battlefield 1's pre-release beta has been data-mined by people with too much time on their hands, so EA and DICE's marketing plans are now more or less in tatters. This isn't any old leak: practically every detail about the first-person shooter has been posted on Reddit, from its list of weapons right the way...



  • News Battlefield 5 Leaked Artwork Is Not What You Expect

    World War I with a twist?

    Well, then – this is an unexpected shock. The first artwork from Battlefield 5 has leaked online ahead of today's reveal – and it's not entirely what you expect. It looks like the World War I rumours were probably true – we see an old-fashioned German pistol as well as a zeppelin in the background – but it appears...





  • News Tons More Classic PS2 Games Rated for PS4

    Wild Arms! Siren! Primal!

    There's some discontent with Sony's decision to charge for PlayStation 2 titles on the PlayStation 4, but personally we're loving the Trophy enhanced retro releases. And so we're excited to learn that several more classics have been rated by the ESRB, including sight jacking horror sim Siren and the excellent

  • PSX 2015 Final Fantasy VII Port Rated for PS4 by PEGI

    Fat Princess Adventures, too

    We already know that a batch of PlayStation 2 games will release on the PlayStation 4 later today, but could Final Fantasy VII join them? The PC port of the PSone hit has been rated for Sony's new-gen system by European firm PEGI

  • News DiRT Rally Looks Set to Make a Mess on PS4


    Codemasters has proven a shadow of its former self on the PlayStation 4 thus far, shipping F1 2015 and not a whole lot else. Fortunately, while the decision seemed strange at the time, DiRT Rally has proven an enormous success in Early Access – and it looks like the simulation could be taking a long easy right all the way to Sony's new-gen...





  • News Hitman PS4 Gameplay Footage Sneaks Online

    Served up in secret

    While there's been much confusion regarding Hitman's distribution method, we've been more bemused by publisher Square Enix's decision to conceal a release that's due out in less than six months. This leaked gameplay footage is almost certain to get whacked by the organisation in no time at all, then – but at least it gives us...



  • News We're So Glad the Cancelled DOOM 4 Ultimately Met Its Doom

    Feel the RAGE

    Let's get the Revenant in the room out of the way first: DOOM 4 is not the DOOM game that was teased during a brief trailer yesterday. The numbered sequel was in development at id Software prior to 2012, but was ultimately cancelled. And judging by this leaked footage of the scrapped release that's popped up on


  • News That's a New Deus Ex for PS4 Leaked, Then

    Initiate raspy voice

    Good old web caches, eh? Eagle eyed NeoGAF user arturkrang spotted several images of what appears to be a new Deus Ex title. The leak comes just over 24 hours after publisher Square Enix's mysterious – and tedious – livestream began. Supposedly dubbed Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, it looks