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  • Random Infamous PS3 Hacker Quits Twitter After One Month

    He was asked to fix it

    All four of you may remember Geohot, the infamous code junkie who cracked Sony’s console in what was – worryingly – a gigantic PlayStation news story circa 2009. He recently re-emerged as part of Elon Musk’s ongoing social media soap opera, when he was tasked with “fixing” Twitter by the real-life Tony Stark...

  • Random Video Game News Posting Machine Nibel Quits Twitter

    Good bye, good luck

    Chances are, if you like video games and use Twitter, you’ve heard of Nibel. The veteran social media news scraper has been collating content for years, and his “fastest finger first” approach garnered him an audience of approximately 450,000 followers. But now, he’s decided to quit the platform. “After some...

  • News Genshin Impact, Elden Ring Among Twitter's Most Talked About PS5, PS4 Games

    Hashtag heroes

    Ah, Twitter – the social media platform for hot gaming takes rather than sweaty gym pics. (Do you even lift if you don’t film it for the ‘Gram?) We’ve been spending less and less time on social media of late – it’s not quite the engaging novelty it once was, is it? – but plenty of gamers are still taking to sites like...

  • News Sony Spices Up Social Media with Twitter Like Button Takeover

    Likey, likey

    This is surely a Twitter first? Sony has taken over social media for the launch of the PlayStation 5, and as a result, any message that you like which contains the #PS5 hashtag will see the traditional heart shape transform into a DualSense right in front of your very eyes. Go on, give it a go: Naturally, this is going to drive huge...

  • News PS5 Was a Top Global Trend on Twitter Earlier This Year

    Sony utilising social network effectively

    Coronavirus induced lockdowns may have caused headaches for PlayStation this year, but Sony has also benefited greatly from the increased importance of home entertainment. And while the manufacturer’s had to alter its marketing model slightly, it’s also effectively leveraged increased interest in video...

  • Feature Our Favourite @KazHiraiCEO Tweets

    "Goodbye consumers of digital entertainment"

    Like many of you, we here at Push Square Towers are deeply saddened by the end of one of the best satirical Twitter accounts, @KazHiraiCEO. Posing as the then-CEO of Sony, the account would post hilarious, witty, and at times biting commentary about the games industry, and it'll be sorely missed. It...

  • Guide How to Upload Share Videos to Twitter on PS4

    Special moments

    We'd argue that uploading screenshots to Twitter has been one of the major draws of the share button, so we're confident that video clips are going to get some real mileage, too. Firmware update v3.00 will allow you to upload ten second clips to the social network site, and here's how you can get your footage online. 1. Capture some...

  • News Turns Out Using Twitter On PlayStation Vita Is Pretty Simple

    The PlayStation Blog's uploaded a video showing off the PS Vita's on-board Twitter application

    Unsurprisingly using the popular social networking service on Sony's new handheld is pretty straight-forward. Twitter will be joined by Facebook, Foursquare and Flickr as part of the PS Vita's "Social Essentials" feature. Check it in action after...

  • News Check Out the PS Vita Twitter App

    Follow us

    Earlier this month Sony revealed the pre-loaded PS Vita Apps launching with the handheld. Aside from those first-party apps however, the system will also house applications for popular social network services like Facebook, FourSquare and Twitter. Engadget just took the latter of those three for a spin, giving us a look at how the popular...

  • News Exactly How Does Twitter Work On The PlayStation Vita?

    The PlayStation Vita will launch with a variety of on-board applications, including the likes of Twitter and Facebook

    But how exactly will the applications work on Sony's new handheld? Well, a lot like a smart-phone actually — as this Engadget video proves. Catch the demonstration after the jump.

  • News Move Support "Not a Good Fit" for Twisted Metal

    David Jaffe squashes hopes for breakfast

    Twisted Metal is on its way to PlayStation 3, but the game won't let you make use of your favourite motion controller, according to a Tweet from director David Jaffe. davidscottjaffe: @iawt No, no move support for TM. Doesn't seem like a great fit. The first footage of the game shows off a flaming-headed...