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We had a feeling Beyond Good & Evil 20th Anniversary Edition might rear its head soon (despite missing its anniversary year), reassured by the Trophy list that recently popped up online. Well, it's official now: Ubisoft has announced it will share news about the game during tomorrow's Limited Run Games showcase on 20th June at 11 am PT / 7 pm BST.

Announced on Twitter, confusingly, by the Beyond Good & Evil 2 account, a brief message from Uncle Pey'j was shared, which, in reality, is just the time and date of the appointed showcase mentioned above. Pey'j, if you need a refresher, is the Sus Sapien (swine humanoid) parent figure of protagonist Jade and the apparent mascot for the franchise.

As the post is quite specific about what will be shown, we wouldn't get our hopes up for Beyond Good & Evil 2, which once again skipped all the Not-E3 showcase festivities. Perhaps we'll hear more about that ethereal game once the 20th Anniversary Edition is in the rearview mirror.

Will you be tuning in to the Limited Run Games show? Are you familiar with Uncle Pey'j, known by the alias "Wild Boar"? Let us know in the comments section below.