Need a Sewers walkthrough for The Last of Us 1, including all collectibles? In this The Last of Us 1 guide, we're going to show you how to achieve 100% completion in Sewers, which is part of The Suburbs chapter.

There are 6x Artefacts, 3x Firefly Pendants, 1x Comic, and 1x Training Manual to find in Sewers, as Henry and Sam lead Joel and Ellie underground.

The Last of Us 1: Sewers Walkthrough

Well, things may not have quite gone to plan, but you did successfully Escape the City. Well done! Follow Henry and Sam down the shore, all the way to the boat a little further down the beach.

Artefact #1: Boat Note

Once you reach the boat at the bottom of the beach, climb up onto the hull and go through the cabin door. An Artefact named Boat Note is on the seat to the left of the small staircase.

Comic #1: Antiparticles

Behind where you found the Artefact, on the boat's control dashboard, you'll find a Comic called Antiparticles. Collect up any other supplies while you're in here.

Firefly Pendant #1: Scheffler's Firefly Pendant

Go back onto the main deck of the boat and drop down the hole. To the left of the fishing netting, you'll find a Firefly Pendant named Scheffler's Firefly Pendant.

Firefly Pendant #2: Righetti's Firefly Pendant

Behind the boat, up the rock formation, there's a sewage grate you need to open with Henry. Once inside, look for a small gap in the wall on the right you can crawl through. In the room on the other side, you'll find a Firefly Pendant named Righetti's Firefly Pendant hanging on the wall, beneath the waterfall. There are also some Weapons Parts in here you should collect.

Meet back up with Henry and Sam. They'll decide to take the left tunnel, while you and Ellie go down the right. While there is a room in here, it's blocked. However, just to the left is a grate you can remove, allowing Ellie to get to the other side and clear the path. Head through the door.

Artefact #2: Sewers Note

Once Ellie has opened up the door after squeezing through the tunnel, up the stairs on the table to the left is an Artefact named Sewers Note. Remember to grab the other supplies in this room, including the Supplements and Weapons Parts.

Reconnect with Henry and Sam who will lead the way, and follow them through the doorway. You'll end up in a big flooded room.

Firefly Pendant #3: Fuentes' Firefly Pendant

Where the crashed car is on the left side of the flooded room, jump into the water and dive under the surface. Just next to the car is a Firefly Pendant named Fuentes' Firefly Pendant.

Swim to the big door that's almost impossible to miss in this room, and then dive under the surface to remove the pipe. Joel will call to Henry, telling him to turn the big wheel, opening the door and giving you a path into the next room.

Head into the next room, behind the big gate that's just been opened. On the right is a little tunnel you can go down for supplies. Now return back the way you came and climb up the ladder. Toss the wooden pallet into the water, and then go back to the door, where there's a distinctive Clicker sound. Deal with them both.

Artefact #3: Trading Note

In the room where you dealt with the two Clickers, after opening the big gate, look at the upper-left corner. There are a bunch of mattresses and bedding materials, as well as an Artefact named Trading Note.

Jump back into the water and swim the wooden pallet back into the main flooded room. Use it to ferry Ellie from one side to the other, so she can power up the generator. If you're quick, you can return to the contraption Sam and Henry are standing on, and you'll get the Waterlogged Trophy for riding across. If you missed it, then wait for Henry to lift you out of the water.

Workbench Tools #1: Cleaning Rod

Follow the sewer tunnel down after Ellie has turned on the generator, but look out for a small doorway on the left. Inside, next to a deck chair, you'll find a red toolbox with more Workbench Tools inside. The Cleaning Rod will give you Tools Level 3.

Weapon: Shorty

Head through the big double doors at the end of the tunnel, where the wall has been decorated with castle graffiti. A little down the hallway, immediately on the left, you'll get a new Weapon: the Shorty. It's on the table and almost impossible to miss.

Training Manual #1: Bomb Containment

A little after you've picked up the Shorty, you'll find a Training Manual named Bomb Containment on the metal shelves to the left of the tunnel.

Loot all the supplies in and around the soccer goal, including the Supplements in the lockers. Then head down the tunnel just to the side of where you found the Training Manual and prepare for a battle against the infected. It's a good opportunity to test out that new Shorty you collected, which is pretty powerful.

Artefact #4: Rain Catcher Note

Head off to the tunnel on the right of where you were ambushed by the Clickers, and you'll find an Artefact called Rain Catcher Note on a metal table to the side.

Artefact #5: Cornered Note

Return to where you fought all the Clickers, hop over the barrier and go up the metal staircase. Immediately on the left is a metal door. Inside, on the very far corner, is an Artefact named Cornered Note. There are also some Supplements nearby.

Move forward, head, down the metal staircase, and try to go through the door. Before you go through it, make sure you've reloaded your weapons and crafted any supplies you may need. Unfortunately, it's a trap, so it's time to take out some infected.

There are so many Clickers in this next room, and unfortunately you're going to need to kill them all. You can get a couple of easy stealth kills at the start, particularly if you sneak around to the right side of the room, but you're probably going to want to go loud if you have the resources. Some of the infected run away, so use this to your advantage, and take the time to reload your weapons and craft new resources if you run out. Once you've dealt with all the infected, be sure to loot the area, as there are lots of resources around here.

Artefact #6: Kid's Drawing

Once you're done collecting all the resources, follow the room around to a classroom-like area, and find an Artefact named Kid's Drawing under a blackboard.

Boost Sam up onto the ledge just beyond the classroom, and wait for him to knock down the ladder. Then climb up and follow the staircase back down to be reconnected with Henry and Ellie.

Once the cutscene concludes, you're going to need to run. Fast. Head to the doorway at the end of the corridor, and then try to help Henry unblock the door. That's not going to work, but fortunately Sam is smart and has already crawled through a tunnel and let you through. Head to the staircase at the end of the room, and go up.

Loot this upstairs area and wait for Henry to boost Ellie and Sam through the blocked door above the window. Now reload your weapons and prepare yourself, you're going to have to make a stand against the oncoming infected. Deal with as many as you can until the kids get the door open, then quickly make your escape to the Suburbs.

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