Did You Know? PlayStation Partnered with NCSOFT Over a Decade Ago 1
Image: Push Square

Sony announced a partnership with NCSOFT earlier this week which will likely culminate in the release of an MMO adaptation of the Horizon franchise, but if you’ve been getting déjà vu from this press release, you’re not alone. The company actually revealed a similar relationship with the South Korean titan over a decade ago, but nothing came of it.

All the way back in 2007, the Japanese giant shared plans at E3 (remember that?) to develop multiple online exclusives with the MMO maker for the PS3 and PSP. It’s worth remembering this was at the very beginning of its push into multiplayer gaming, with the PlayStation Network barely established at the time. This deal was intended to advance its services, and also create new content.

The alliance ultimately went nowhere, and by 2009, any proposed projects had been killed by both parties. It’s interesting to see it rekindle this relationship over 15 years later, however – and we get the distinct impression its partnership will be more fruitful this time around. Do you remember the original NCSOFT announcement? Flex your gaming memory in the comments section below.