Few video game press conferences are remembered more for all the wrong reasons than Sony's 2006 E3 briefing. It set the tone for a PS3 generation that didn't really get going until the PS3 slim steadied the ship, and now you can watch the two-hour disaster in crystal clear 1080p quality. Uploaded by Danny O'Dwyer's NoClip archival YouTube channel, it's just one of many videos the documentary maker is restoring.

Now you can see how memes like the Giant Enemy Crab of Genji: Days of the Blade, "Riiidge Racer", and the $599 price point got started in the best quality yet. With showcases nowadays essentially acting as a slideshow of trailers and reveals, it's also a throwback to when these announcements would actually take place on a physical stage. Good times.

Will you set some time aside to watch this infamous moment in PlayStation history in 1080p? Grab some snacks and have a laugh in the comments below.

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