Horizon Forbidden West Killzone 2 Trailer 1
Image: Push Square

Killzone 2’s trailer intro sequence is iconic. It was part of the infamous original E3 demo which turned out to be smoke and mirrors, but was later replicated in a re-reveal trailer for the final PS3 game. And now Dutch developer Guerrilla Games has paid tribute to it in a trailer for Horizon Forbidden West’s expansion Burning Shores.

While it’s not an identical recreation, the scene starts with a shot of clouds, before the camera pans across to Aloy flying her mount, and then hangs over the scenery. It’s extremely similar to the Killzone scene, where protagonist Sev and his unlikeable ally Rico are shown flying into Helghast territory. And studio director Jan-Bart Van Beek has confirmed the similarities on Twitter. “Well spotted,” he said.

We love little touches like this, but it has left us itching for some kind of Killzone 2 remaster – it was easily one of the best shooters on PS3, and a rare example of an FPS with both outstanding single player and multiplayer modes. We love the Horizon series to bits, but we hope Guerrilla can find a little bit of time to squeeze in a Killzone project in the future.

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