Fallout New Vegas PS3 PlayStation

Fallout New Vegas, the black sheep of the core Fallout franchise, is a wonderfully weird game. Released in 2010 on PS3 (where it remains stranded), many Fallout fans consider it the best depiction of Bethesda's bizarre universe, which has had an exceptionally long tail over on PC. The modding community has been working wonders ever since.

One of the most valuable user-created additions to the game was the inclusion of iconic rap-rock artist Fred Durst as a companion character, who would spout crudely-edited Limp Bizkit lyrics instead of dialogue. It disappeared around seven years ago but just resurfaced, which even elicited a laconic response from Durst himself.

IGN chronicled the saga, which began when the released mod rose to prominence in 2015, but tragically, the files required to experience the "lore-friendly" addition were lost in 2017. The tragic loss occurred after creator Lb8068 formatted their computer. Seven long, Limp Bizkit-less years passed before Twitter user UsagiCola discovered they had archived the essential mod files. Signal boosted by Bethesda game YouTuber Micky D, word of the rediscovery even came to the attention of the Polar Bear himself, Limp Bizkit frontman Fred Durst, who commented on the affair simply: "Nice."

What do you think of the aspirational story of the Fred Durst Fallout New Vegas mod? Can you imagine any other musician more perfectly suited to life after a nuclear apocalypse? Keep rollin', rollin', rollin', rollin' on into the comments section below.

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