Need an Underground Tunnel walkthrough for The Last of Us 1, including all collectibles? In this The Last of Us 1 guide, we're going to show you how to achieve 100% completion in Underground Tunnel, which is part of the Bus Depot chapter.

There is 1x Firefly Pendant, 1x Comic, 1x Training Manual, 1x Workbench, and 1x Shiv Door to find in Underground Tunnel, as Joel and Ellie almost reach their destination.

The Last of Us 1: Underground Tunnel Walkthrough

The Last of Us 1: Underground Tunnel Walkthrough - All Collectibles: Firefly Pendants, Comics, Training Manuals, Workbenches, Shiv Doors
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You've managed to make your way from the Highway Exit, but will still need to go through the Underground Tunnel to reach Saint Mary's Hospital. Climb out of the bus and head left into the East Tunnel.

Firefly Pendant #1: Natalie Hoo's Firefly Pendant

Just behind the bus on the left, before you enter the tunnel properly, you can find a Firefly Pendant named Natalie Hoo's Firefly Pendant on the ground.

Climb up onto the van, and then go over the trailer to drop into the tunnel properly. Keep moving forward and you'll eventually run into infected. And things had been so calm up until this point, eh?! There's even a Bloater down here, so think carefully about how you want to approach. We'd recommend crouching down and sticking close to the right wall. You may have to get a couple of stealth kills on the Runners, but generally remaining quietest is the safest route down here. You'll eventually stumble upon a doorway on the right, so go through.

You're in a tunnel with more Runners. Considering how cramped this space is, we'd recommend just dealing with them. Using the Flamethrower is a good option in this tight corridor; light them up and finish them off, then continue along the path ahead back onto the main tunnel passageway. There are supplies in the room at the end of the corridor here, so grab those if you want before exiting. There are two Bloaters down here, so just be careful.

Training Manual #1: Bomb Shrapnel

Climb up on top of the truck in the middle of the area with two Bloaters wandering around, and you'll find a Training Manual named Bomb Shrapnel on top of the trailer. This will unlock the Something to Fight For Trophy.

Now might be a good opportunity to deal with those Bloaters, so use what you've learned from your new Training Manual to throw some out and blow them up. If it doesn't do the job then keep a safe distance from them and pick them off until they die. Then head to the trailer at the end of the tunnel and boost Ellie up. Ellie will knock down a crate so that you can climb up the trailer and join her. Drop down the other side and you'll find yourself in an area with deep water.

Swim towards the truck at the end of the deep water. Once you get close to the truck, dive underneath and swim through the bus so you get to the other side. Climb out of the water and make your way up on top of the trailer you just dived underneath. Then pick up the ladder and position it so that Ellie can climb up with you.

Comic #1: Catalysis

Once you've placed the ladder for Ellie, crawl all the way along the air vents and you'll find a Comic named Catalysis at the end.

Reunite with Ellie, but the door is jammed. Walk down the fence a little further and boost her up over the ledge so she can unlock the door for you. A Clicker will attack Ellie as soon as she falls down, so be ready to shoot it through the fence. Then wait for her to unlock the door for you and head on through.

Workbench #1

The Last of Us 1: Underground Tunnel Walkthrough - All Collectibles: Firefly Pendants, Comics, Training Manuals, Workbenches, Shiv Doors
Image: Push Square

After Ellie has unlocked the door, head up the small staircase and you'll find a Workbench against the right wall. This is your last opportunity to upgrade your Weapons, and interacting with it will unlock the Prepared for the Worst Trophy.

Shiv Door #1

The Last of Us 1: Underground Tunnel Walkthrough - All Collectibles: Firefly Pendants, Comics, Training Manuals, Workbenches, Shiv Doors
Image: Push Square

Move on beyond the room with the Workbench and immediately on your right is a Shiv Door with a lot of supplies inside.

Continue down the corridor, opposite where you opened the Shiv Door, and hop over the debris. You're so close to The Hospital now, but there's a large area of water blocking your progress.

Dive into the water and go through the doorway at the bottom. Turn right and swim down the corridor, through another doorway and surface. Come out of the water and climb on top of the air vents. Then follow these around behind some pipes until you find a wooden pallet. Drop it down into the water below.

Fall down into the water and grab on to the wooden pallet with triangle. Use it to ferry Ellie across to the other side. Once she's climbed up, head back to where Ellie was previously standing and wait for her to knock down the nearby ladder. Unfortunately it collapses so carry it across to the wall opposite and prop it up so you can reach the area with the pipes you squeezed through earlier. Then pick it up again and use it to make a bridge on the other side of the room, just beyond where the wooden pallet was. Walk up the staircase to be reunited with Ellie.

The rapids are crazy in this part of the tunnel, and Joel tells Ellie he'll go on ahead. Climb down onto the truck roof and walk across to the vents to the next set of cars. Leap across to more vents and catch Ellie when she comes to join you. Then drop onto the bus and get ready for some chaos. Try to jump across to the safe platform where Ellie is standing but the rapids are too strong.

You'll be underwater now, so just swim as hard and as fast as you can towards the light ahead of you, ensuring to rescue Ellie along the way. A cutscene will trigger when you surface, and you've finally made it to The Hospital.

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