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  • News PS3 Classic MotorStorm Pacific Rift Looks Sensational in 4K, 60fps on PC

    Now fully playable with RPCS3

    Good ol’ MotorStorm: Pacific Rift: you wouldn’t believe it’s nearing its 15th (!!!) anniversary based on this updated version for PC emulator RPCS3. While the rather static art direction is a tell-tale sign of its age, the arcade racer more than holds up running at 60 frames-per-second in 4K – in fact, it’s...

  • News A Group of Fans Are Reviving PS3's Online Multiplayer with Emulated Servers

    Killzone 2! Warhawk! MotorStorm!

    The PlayStation 3 had a lot of cracking online games, didn't it? Even from Sony itself, there were plenty of offerings for those looking to get stuck into some multiplayer. Whether it was the vehicular battlefields of Warhawk or the mucky racing of MotorStorm, there were lots of ways to play together. Unfortunately,...

  • News There's a PSP Emulator Hidden in the PS4 Version of PaRappa the Rapper

    Remaster runs from UMD disc image

    PaRappa the Rapper’s relatively recent remaster is actually an emulated version of the PlayStation Portable release with new textures. Some amazing technical tomfoolery from hackers working with cracked PlayStation 4 consoles has revealed that the rhythm game is running on a UMD disc image, identical to the...

  • PSX 2015 The First PS2 Games Arrive on the PS4

    Now you're playing with power

    The first eight PlayStation 2 games are now available to purchase from the PlayStation Store. The titles – which include Grand Theft Auto: Vice City, Twisted Metal: Black, and more – will set you back between $9.99 and $14.99 in North America and £7.99 and £11.99 in the UK. You can find them in the New Releases...

  • PSX 2015 PS4's First PS2 Games Launch Tomorrow

    Grand Theft Auto, Twisted Metal, more

    As expected, the first batch of PlayStation 2 games will release on the PlayStation 4 tomorrow. We have a sneaking suspicion that this was intended as a PlayStation Experience 2015 announcement, but there have been

  • News Four More PS2 Games for PS4 May Have Leaked

    Rogue Galaxy! The Mark of Kri! War of the Monsters!

    Sony may wish that it hadn't bothered bringing PlayStation 2 games to the PlayStation 4 after last night's backlash. A leaked video description spotted overnight suggested that the new-gen system's emulator would not support discs or PlayStation 3 purchases, which is expected but unfortunate news...

  • News Now Sony's Asking Which PS2 Games You Want on PS4

    Fun, anyone?

    It's crazy how we've gone from PlayStation 2 emulation being a rumour for the PlayStation 4 to being officially confirmed in the span of one Digital Foundry investigation. Still, while

  • News PS2 Games Are Coming to the PS4, Sony Confirms

    Live in your world, play in ours

    That didn't take long, did it? After yesterday's reports, Sony has told Wired that PlayStation 2 games are coming to the PlayStation 4 via emulation. However, while the firm confirmed the feature, it stopped short of sharing any specific details. "We have nothing further to comment at this point in time." See you at...

  • News PlayStation 2 Emulation All But Confirmed for PS4

    And it sounds awesome

    Back when Sony revealed that the Darth Vader PlayStation 4 bundle would include three Star Wars games from the PlayStation 2 era, we assumed that they'd be getting the remaster treatment. While there have been many rumours regarding PS2 emulation on the new-gen system, the promise of Trophy support and improved visuals led us...