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  • News Portal Has Sold Lots Of Copies, Probably Not Many On PS3

    Portal 2 on the PlayStation 3 is arguably the best console version of the game

    The original Portal on PS3 is not. At the time, Valve gaffer Gabe Newell hated the PlayStation 3. Now he loves it. Business, etc. With Portal 2 now readily available worldwide, the developer has confirmed that the original game was a bigger success than many first assumed. It's actually sold nearly four million copies..

  • News Valve Looking To Assemble A Talented Playstation 3 Team

    We've been a bit harsh on Valve in the past

    We know they're a small company who make their bread and butter building PC games. And as such we know those games can be ported to the XBOX 360 with ease. It does irritate us when great games don't get released on a system with an audience waiting to buy them though. Still, it seems Valve aren't quite as down on Playstation 3 development than we'd..