Team Fortress 2 The Orange Box PS3 Offline PlayStation 3 1
Image: Push Square

Back when The Orange Box first released on PS3, it was marked down as a disaster. Due to the complicated architecture of Sony’s system at the time, Valve passed on the project, and the port was handled by EA UK. The results were far from optimal: the game suffered from framerate issues, slow loading, and various other bugs.

Despite all this, the release has enjoyed a long lifespan, and Team Fortress 2 was finally taken offline earlier this week after 15 years. It’s worth noting that The Orange Box was a compilation, so the other included releases – like Half-Life 2 and Portal – will remain playable in single player for as long as your PS3 functions. But the online-focused TF2 is, sadly, no more.

It’s probably safe to assume there weren’t an enormous number of players still engaging with Team Fortress 2 on the PS3 specifically, but it’s always sad to see a classic bow out like this. Fare thee well, then, TF2 – we certainly knew ye, but you’ll be missed all the same. (The Steam version remains alive and well, by the way, if you fancy making the move!)

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