God of War Amazon Prime Video Kratos 1

Well, it’s been strongly hinted at for quite some time, but now it’s official: Amazon Prime Video will adapt God of War into a television series. There are no further details in the juggernaut’s confirmation tweet, as it simply says “God of War is coming”. It then expands, on top of some God of War Ragnarok artwork, that it’s “ordered” a series inspired by the hit PlayStation franchise.

We’ll need to await further information on writers, directors, and cast choices, but it’s probably safe to assume that the series will be based on the Norse story arc, judging by the aforementioned artwork. While the origins of Kratos’ story are in Ancient Greece, we suppose it makes sense for Amazon Prime Video to adapt the more modern instalments, as they’re more relatable to a contemporary audience.

We’re a little nervous how this will look, because if it’s live action, Kratos has a body that’s almost impossible for an actor to replicate without lots of special effects. But there’s obviously plenty of potential for a visually stunning series here – it’s just going to need a big budget to realise its sizeable ambition.

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