Announced and released in the space of a week, the free God of War Ragnarok DLC Valhalla is out now on PS5, PS4. It'll be delivered via an update to the base game; you don't need to search the PS Store for it. Set aside roughly 8GB for the base game patch, and then you'll download the rogue-like mode on top.

The expansion is an epilogue to the base game and sees Kratos take a "deeply personal and reflective journey" down "a path for himself that he never thought possible before". On the shores of Valhalla, you'll be accompanied by Mimir as you overcome tests within Kratos and face echoes of the past. Falling short means you'll start back at the beginning again as you come up against "new combinations of enemies" across five difficulty modes. There'll also be new Trophies for you to unlock.

When you enter Valhalla, you'll have access to all of Kratos' weapons and fully upgraded skill trees. As you progress through the challenges, you'll be able to unlock Glyths, Perks, and Runic Attacks to better your loadout for the tasks ahead. "Each attempt can play out differently based on the rewards you choose, so keep your strategy in mind when making selections! Wise preparation, adaptability to the challenge at hand, and command of your abilities will be the keys to mastery."

Finally, the Valhalla content is unlocked for all players and can be sampled at any time, meaning you don't need to have beaten it to try the rogue-like mode. However, given this reveals what happens after the ending of the game, you will likely encounter spoilers. Will you be trying out the Valhalla expansion? Let us know in the comments below.