PC Players Are Fuming Until Dawn, God of War Ragnarok Appear to Require PSN Logins 1
Image: Push Square

One of the bigger stories in 2024 is how Helldivers 2 exploded in popularity to such a degree that Arrowhead decided to postpone a pre-planned PSN login requirement on PC. When the developer eventually attempted to enforce the feature, the Internet imploded, leading to such a fierce review bombing campaign that PlayStation was forced to backtrack.

While it’s extremely common for titles to mandate account logins like this, one legitimate bugbear many PC players have had is that PSN technically isn’t available in a number of countries. This resulted in Helldivers 2 being removed from sale in select unsupported regions on Steam, pouring more salt on the wounds for fuming fans.

Consequently, it’s not exactly sitting well with enthusiasts that both God of War Ragnarok and Until Dawn appear to require PSN logins as well – especially seeing as they’re both single player games. While there’s no information on Concord yet, we’d expect the team-based first-person shooter to fall to a similar fate.

Social media is awash with criticism of Sony for making this decision, and we’d certainly agree that it needs to solve this issue of PSN not being available in a number of different countries. Obviously, it’s always been possible to make accounts in other regions, but technically this is against the terms of service – even if it’s a rule the manufacturer rarely enforces.

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