Kratos' gravel-guzzling voice is the work of Christopher Judge, who has played the role since 2018's God of War. The actor himself has a naturally deep vocal range, and hearing the Ghost of Sparta's intimidating growls is always a treat. However, while warming up to Kratos' voice, Judge went through some training, where some wires were clearly crossed.

He recounts an amusing story during the above interview with IGN. Asked about how he found the character's voice, Judge says "the voice found me", and tells a little-known story.

"I actually went and did vocal training for months before we actually started, but it was with a British accent," he recalls, saying there must've been a "miscommunication" somewhere. Attending these sessions a couple of times a week for several months, Judge went to the first shooting day armed with a very deep, but very British, take on Kratos.

"Our first day on set, we were doing our first take, and I see people whispering and talking. Then Cory [Barlog] walks over to me and says, '...Was that a British accent?' I said, apparently not a very good one, if you have to ask me!"

Kratos has always had an American accent, so it would've been a very extreme change to have him speaking a completely different way. Obviously it didn't get any further than day one of filming, but just imagine it for a second — it's pretty funny.