God of War TV Show

The God of War TV series is apparently coming along nicely, although it's likely still a long way off from being done. Last we heard, the Amazon Prime show will be based on the story from God of War (2018) — a decision that's already raised a few eyebrows, given how Kratos' origins and backstory (as explored in the original games) is key to his character development.

But it sounds like this adaptation will at least try to flesh things out. Sony Pictures president Katherine Pope (via Deadline) says "I’m so impressed with what they’re already doing in terms of building out that world and expanding [...] expanding it so that if you don’t know the game, it’s still going to be a really satisfying show on its own." The suit also clarifies that the series will still "keep all the values of the game", just in case you were worried.

Again, it's unlikely that we'll much more about God of War any time soon, but we are interested in seeing how it all comes together. Sony has very recently proven that its games can be adapted into entertaining TV shows with The Last of Us from HBO — but it's fair to say that Kratos' adventures pose a different kind of task. The games, after all, have a heavy focus on action — and a lot of action takes a lot of budget to get right.

What are your hopes for the God of War series? Do you think it'll be done well, or is it going to be difficult? Recall your axe in the comments section below.

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