God of War Ragnarok PS5 PS4

God of War Ragnarok has just received a major update on PS5 and PS4, introducing the long-awaited New Game Plus mode. The update is available to download and install right now.

New Game Plus is a mode that allows you to carry over certain progress and items from a completed playthrough into a new one. To compensate for your high-level character, armour, and weapons, New Game Plus usually ups the difficulty, or introduces new challenges not present in the regular game.

After completing Ragnarok's story at least once, NG+ mode will be available. It introduces new equipment, Enchantments, and an increased level cap, allowing you to power up Kratos more than ever. Carrying over all your skills, weapons, and equipment, you'll be able to blast through a New Game Plus playthrough β€” although areas requiring Sonic and Hex arrows or the Draupnir Spear won't be available until after their usual introductions in the story.

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The update adds some awesome new gear for Kratos, too; the Black Bear armour lets you finally outfit the Ghost of Sparta in his fetching fur cloak, while the Spartan armour is a purposefully stripped back outfit to make the game more challenging. The Ares and Zeus armour sets from the previous game also return, and a brand new Shield is also introduced β€” this one with a much tighter parry window (and a bigger reward for pulling them off).

Furthermore, some boss fights have been tweaked to give you a fresh experience in New Game Plus, and the developer has even thrown in a Black & White filter so you can play the whole game in monochrome, if you fancy.

So, to recap, this update adds:

  • New Game Plus mode β€” bring all your unlocked gear and skills into a new playthrough
  • Brand new armour sets
  • New colour schemes for existing armour sets
  • A new Shield
  • New ways to customise mods, Enchantments, and stats
  • Adjusted endgame boss encounters
  • Expanded Niflheim combat arena
  • Black and white filter

It's a very robust update, then. There's more information on the PS Blog, and the full patch notes are through here if you're interested. Will you be taking God of War Ragnarok for another spin in New Game Plus? Go again in the comments section below.

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