God of War Ragnarok Sales

You would have been mad to bet against God of War Ragnarok being a huge commercial hit, but the game's latest sales update has even managed to take us by surprise. The sequel, which launched on PS5 and PS4 on the 9th November last year, has sold through a staggering 11 million copies. That's serious blockbuster territory for a title that's not even three months old.

Last we heard, Ragnarok had sold just over 5 million copies around two weeks after its release, so it's gone on to do an additional 6 million in the time since. Crazy when you consider the fact that most games enjoy their biggest glut of sales right after launch, and then tend to fall off very quickly.

"None of this would be possible without the support of our fans, so thank you for coming on this journey with us!" writes developer Sony Santa Monica Studio on its social feeds.

For context, it took God of War (2018) over a full year to break 10 million units, so Ragnarok's success is incredibly impressive. There's no doubt that its total will continue to climb over the coming months and beyond.

And, of course, many would argue that it's fully deserved. God of War Ragnarok is, in our humble opinion, a phenomenal action adventure — one of the very best on modern consoles. At this point, a critical and commercial smash hit.

Did you think God of War Ragnarok would do this well for itself? Take the boy on another adventure in the comments section below.

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