God of War Ragnarok Trophy Data
Image: Push Square

You can get a surprising amount of information from Trophy data, so we thought it'd be interesting to check in on God of War Ragnarok. Sony's latest blockbuster released roughly two weeks ago at the time of writing, and the Trophies show that a decent number of players have beaten the game.

More specifically, 24.8 per cent of fans have completed the main story. In an age where Trophy data typically shows us that most gamers don't actually finish their games, that's a solid result for Sony and Santa Monica Studio, again, just two weeks after launch. It's a figure that'll likely only increase as time goes on as well — Ragnarok is a big game, after all, and it'll take a lot of players more time to see Kratos' adventure through.

But then you look at the Platinum Trophy unlock rate, and only 3.9 per cent of players went on to collect every one of the game's virtual gongs. It's not a particularly difficult Platinum, but hunting for collectibles and backtracking to find treasure chests that you might have missed can be very time consuming. We would assume that a lot of players will see the credits roll and leave it there — at least for now.

Have you beaten God of War Ragnarok yet, or are you taking your time? Let us know how many Trophies you've got left to unlock in the comments section below.