The Game Awards was a bit of a fever dream this year, wasn’t it? The stage invading Bill Clinton nonsense stole the post-show discussion, so it may be easy to forget Christopher Judge’s outrageous award acceptance speech. Having picked up the gong for Best Performance, the actor talked and talked and talked and talked – and then he talked some more. We actually thought the speech may be teeing up some kind of announcement or on-stage stunt it went on so long.

As it happens, Judge just had a lot of people to thank! And, in a tongue in cheek tweet, The Game Awards has pointed out he may have set a new World Record. “The longest awards show acceptance speech in history was actress Greer Garson at the 1942 Oscars. She spoke for 5 minutes 30 seconds. Christopher Judge’s speech at The Game Awards was 7 minutes 59 seconds.”

While it’s clearly become a bit of a gag among enthusiasts, Judge noted that organiser Geoff Keighley had been “nothing but kind” about the situation. “I have taken it all as good fun,” he said. “For those that have been successful in their lives all on their own, congrats. For me it took a village. And I will always be grateful to them.”

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Fair play!

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