As the only possible thing to listen to while writing, we've become connoisseurs of LoFi music in recent years. Imagine our delight, then, at waking up to an official Bear McCreary joint on the PlayStation YouTube channel that mixes tracks from Sony Santa Monica's epic God of War Ragnarok soundtrack.

The tracklist features the jaunty Huldra Brothers (Brock and Sindri's theme), the usually sombre Memories of Mother, and the goosebumps-inducing God of War main theme, with each being wound down to a much more mellow tempo and reworked. God of War, in particular, gets particularly grubby, and we could see ourselves having a little wobble to that one if we were ever to find ourselves in a social situation in which it was played at a moderate volume.

Composed by the legendary Bear McCreary, this LoFi rendition was performed by an equally luminous star in the world of video game composure, Alex Moukala. Moukala, amongst incredible covers of music from JRPGs and anime, wrangled a stunning Final Fantasy XIV community cover last year, featuring more than 1,400 vocalists, which was quite the feat.

What do you think of Bear's hot new beats, boy? Party like it's the world's end in the comments section below.