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Santa Monica Studios' free God of War Ragnarok: Valhalla DLC is proving to be much more than merely a tacked-on roguelike experience, surprising players with its narrative heft and implications for Kratos and the future of the God of War franchise. Santa Monica didn't do itself any favours by mainly focusing on the mechanical in its unveiling trailer, but you can't keep a good story down.

Nonetheless, we've got it on good authority: Valhalla's a certified banger. Further, senior writer Orion Walker has teased fans that there's more to the story, even after the credits roll. We won't be divulging anything here, but fans who want some fairly thought-provoking implications rattling around in their head for the next few years may want to keep playing past the credits scene.

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Have you been playing God of War: Valhalla? Were you surprised at how story-heavy this roguelike DLC turned out to be? Meditate on the idea that every journey's ending marks the start of a new beginning in the comments section below.

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