God of War Trilogy PS5 Remaster Rumours Surface from Suspect Source 1

The original God of War games will allegedly make a comeback on PS5, although we’re not putting too much weight behind the source. Speaking on the Xbox Era podcast – we know, we know – notorious rumourmonger Nick Baker said that a remaster of Kratos’ first three adventures “might be happening”. It’s perhaps worth noting that God of War 3 was already re-released for the PS4, and is fully playable with backwards compatibility on Sony’s new-gen console.

The Japanese giant famously remastered the first two games in the series for the PS3, as well as its PSP counterparts. This kickstarted a trend at the time, which resulted in a ton of HD re-releases of popular PS2 titles. But outside of cloud streaming, the PS5 can’t natively play PS3 games, so we suppose it makes sense to bring them back.

“I've heard that we might be getting the original God of War trilogy remastered on PlayStation,” declared Baker, although he was unsurprisingly scuzzy on the details. “Is this a straight-up port of what we got on PS3? In which case, I'm somewhat less excited. Or is this something more involved, more in the remake realm?”

Baker’s gone big on PlayStation rumours in the past, but not many of them have come true. Back in 2021, he said there’s a “chance” of a new inFAMOUS being announced at a PS Showcase, but the event came and went without any mention of Sucker Punch’s superhero series. A year later, he claimed there was also a new Sly Cooper in the works, which prompted the Seattle-based developer to outright deny the speculation: “For now there are no inFAMOUS or Sly Cooper games in development.”

Of course, it’s possible Sony may look to bring back the original God of War games, purely for preservation purposes. Without delving too deeply into spoilers, the new God of War Ragnarok: Valhalla add-on has strong ties to the PS2 titles, and these classics aren’t exactly easy to play on contemporary hardware anymore.

It’s a good guess, then – but that’s probably all it is!

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