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The issues surrounding the rate at which God of War Ragnarok companions spoil the mechanics of a puzzle were only made known to Santa Monica Studio after launch, the studio has revealed. In a new interview with MinnMax, narrative director Matt Sophos said pre-release QA testers never gave any feedback about the likes of Atreus talking too much when trying to solve a puzzle. They didn't see it as an issue, so the team was caught off-guard by the feedback.

Sophos said: "That was certainly never the goal. I think it was just somehow the timing for the hint was too aggressive and should have had a much longer countdown timer before something comes up." He then adds he "would love" for there to be a patch to tone down the rate at which puzzle hints are handed out, but he speculates it could be a difficult coding task. Story lead Richard Gaubert, who was also part of the interview, even admits "they're giving hints way too often" when playing the final version.

The conversation surrounding early puzzle spoilers in Sony games really kicked off with Horizon Forbidden West last year, and was then heightened by Santa Monica Studio's latest epic. When you're told what to do so quickly, fans argue it spoils the experience as you're not being tested yourself. We posted a Talking Point on the subject shortly after God of War Ragnarok's release, and 39 per cent of you responded saying early puzzle spoilers are "annoying and patronising".

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