A handful of buyers of the God of War Ragnarok Collector's Edition are reporting their copies have arrived without the digital PS5, PS4 download code they were promised. Instead, they've been sent two lots of the bonus DLC content for the game that gives you snow armour for Kratos and Atreus. Since the Collector's Edition doesn't include a physical disc, purchasers have been left with one of the most expensive versions of the title, but are unable to actually play it.

Purchasers of the Jotnar Edition are also reporting issues surrounding a missing steelbook, with problems documented on a Twitter account named GOW Collector’s Edition Mishap. Two reports state they both pre-ordered the game from Target and are missing the all-important download code.

Twitter user @Kabuuku posted: "Received my collectors edition of #GodofWarRagnarok a little early. Only digital voucher code was for snow tunic armor. Nothing else. Was ordered through Target, but they do not make the different editions themselves." A separate Reddit thread has also been created reporting the issue of receiving two DLC codes instead of the game.

This isn't the first time fans of Sony titles have been let down by its collector's editions. When The Last of Us: Part I's Firely Edition was shipped to customers, it was packaged lightly and thus a lot of copies arrived damaged.

The Collector's Edition sells for £179.99/$199.99 while the Jotnar Edition goes for £229.99/$259.99. Representing a significant price increase over the base PS5, PS4 versions, it's easy to see why customers have been left disappointed by the lack of the actual game inside the version they've been shipped. Have you encountered this problem too? Let us know in the comments below.

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