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We’re obviously huge fans of God of War Ragnarok here at Push Square – we awarded the sequel our highest possible score – but we also welcome a variety of different opinions. While the majority of the media also appeared to share our sentiment on Santa Monica Studio’s release, one reviewer for IGN Korea believed the title fell short.

In his review, Bae Sang Hyun awarded the game a 6/10, where he criticised the title’s father-son narrative device and ultimately compared the sequel to DLC. However, with the review being written in a different language, some of the context was lost – and its translated Open Critic synopsis has since been revised to better reflect the author’s original intent.

Unfortunately, that hasn’t prevented some individuals from attacking the reviewer on social media. Bae Sang Hyun shared one of the messages he’d received, which included references to his nationality, personal appearance, and ability. It concluded with a death threat. “Please don't do this,” Bae Sang Hyun said. “It's so heartbreaking. I can't do anything else. I ask you politely, please, just enjoy your game.”

We’ve read a machine translated version of the IGN Korea review, and while we obviously don’t agree with the author, it’s interesting to see a different opinion. Nevertheless, the game is one of the highest rated releases on Metacritic this year, and is going to sell many millions of copies. There’s really no need for this kind of behaviour at all.

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