Creator David Jaffe isn't a massive fan of the direction that the modern God of War series, specifically God of War Ragnarok, is taking the character of Kratos. In a video posted to YouTube, Jaffe outlined his thoughts on the older, more contemplative martial deity, arguing that ageing developers pouring their life experiences into the character would have been better served by creating new IPs.

Couched in comparison to the Indiana Jones franchise, Jaffe argues that he doesn't want to see the developer's personal growth impacting the character's story arc. Imitating director Steven Spielberg, he said: "You know what? I'm Steven Spielberg; I'm older now, and I'm really into family, and I want to tell stories about fathers and sons. No, f*ck you. That's not what this character is, whether it's Indy or goddamn Kratos."

Jaffe created Kratos and directed the original God of War, working as creative director on the sequel God of War II, with lead animator Cory Barlog coming to the fore as director. Jaffe parted ways with SCEA in 2007, and Barlog has now worked on six games in the series, directing the character's acclaimed 'soft reboot' in 2018's God of War, along with its direct sequel, God of War Ragnarok.

Santa Monica Studio released a feature-length documentary in 2019 called Raising Kratos, which delves into the challenges the studios faced in maturing the character as the developers and Barlog himself grappled with growing older. Speaking of Barlog, he posted the following Nathan Fillion GIF in response to the story doing the rounds on Twitter:

In this humble scribe's opinion, the creator's intent is integral to any work of art, and video games are certainly that. But at this point, we can't imagine a game with the old (young), emotionally stunted Kratos being nearly so engaging. What do you think? Do you miss the old ways, or are you invested in a more mature character arc? Unleash Spartan Rage in the comments section below.

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