Yesterday saw Ben Stiller cosplaying as Kratos, but the advert specific to Japan for God of War Ragnarok is, well, quite a bit different. Instead of LeBron James and John Travolta, Japan has Mr Sato singing and dancing along to "Goddo Obu Woragnaroku no Uta". It's an utter delight and makes for essential viewing as we count down the days to the game's launch.

Mr Sato is at times equipped with the usual weapons you'd expect Kratos and Atreus to be using, like the Leviathan Axe and a bow and arrow. With the colourful backgrounds and jolly song striking a real contrast to the bloody action of the gameplay clips, it's a really fun watch. Just try and reach the end without smiling! What's Mr Sato actually singing? Who knows!

Of course, God of War Ragnarok's PS5, PS4 launch is exactly one week away now, and our PS5 review will be uploaded tomorrow. Where's your hype level at right now? Fit to burst? Let us know in the comments below.