God of War Ragnarok releases for PS5, PS4 in less than two weeks, so with real-life marketing already doing the rounds, Sony has published the game's launch trailer. It's a very short one — clocking in at exactly 30 seconds — but it teases just enough to get us excited all over again. The vast majority of the clips we've already seen before, but there are a few new ones. Nothing appears to be a spoiler, so feel free to watch.

"Join Kratos and Atreus on a mythic journey for answers before the prophesied battle that will end the world. All the while, the eyes of Asgard watch their every move…," the YouTube description reveals.

Our PS5 review will go live in exactly one week, with our first impressions already live on the site. "While this project may have been an easy bet based on the success of its predecessor, there are very few publishers willing to invest in production values like these. With the industry in a state of flux, as fat cats push for subscriptions and player retention, we’ll say this: savour Ragnarok – it certainly won’t be the last of its kind, like its name implies, but it’s not often that games like this come around."

Have you already pre-ordered? Get excited in the comments below.

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