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Santa Monica Studio has announced it will not be producing a follow-up to its Raising Kratos development documentary that focuses on God of War Ragnarok. Confirmation comes from the developer's Twitter account, where it responded to a tweet that claimed such a documentary actually is in the works.

Twitter account Millie A (@millieamand) — which has posted questionable rumours in the past — tweeted that "Filming took place during the development of #GodofWarRagnarok that will cover the pressure to follow up on God of War, the impact of Covid and more". They said the footage will be part of a "full-length feature" similar to Raising Kratos. Santa Monica Studio responded very simply: "There is no documentary in the works."

Instead, the team sees its weekly development diaries as the "look into development for GoWR". At nearly two hours in length, the Raising Kratos documentary for God of War presented a phenomenal look behind the scenes that's still considered to be one of the best deep dives into development to this day. While a lengthy look at the production of God of War Ragnarok would have been welcome, we imagine a lot of it would be recordings of Zoom calls and file transfers at the height of the COVID-19 pandemic.

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