Today marks the one-year anniversary since God of War Ragnarok released as a PS5, PS4 exclusive. To commemorate the occasion, Santa Monica Studio has released a video that compiles some of the amusing mishaps it encountered during development, which you can catch above.

The team said: "For the one-year anniversary, we wanted to share a few of the unexpected moments from development that remind us how complex, challenging, and unintentionally hilarious making a game can be. A special thank you to the fantastic QA teams at Santa Monica Studio, PlayStation, and our partners around the world whose invaluable work helped keep these mishaps out of the experience we were able to share with fans one year ago!"

Included are some unfortunate occurrences of characters' bodies becoming twisted, face glitches, repeating dialogue, villains turning up in the wrong place, and malfunctioning hair. Again: these are bugs Santa Monica Studio squashed during development of the game, not ones that made it into the final release.

God of War Ragnarok earned a rare 10/10 rating in our PS5 review last year, with praise shared for its scope, characters, combat, and memorable boss fights. "Even amongst PlayStation Studios' typically stellar output it's a showpiece — a masterfully crafted game that smashes expectations at almost every turn," we concluded. "The sheer, often ridiculous scope of Ragnarok makes 2018's God of War feel like a prologue — and that's perhaps the highest praise we can bestow upon a sequel."

There's now speculation doing the rounds of God of War Ragnarok DLC. What would you want to see from a potential expansion? Celebrate the game's first birthday in the comments below.