Sony Santa Monica Studio Next Game

It sounds like Sony Santa Monica Studio, the prestigious first-party developer behind the God of War franchise, is hard at work on its next project. That's not exactly news, since God of War Ragnarok came out last year and AAA game development has no real downtime, but we should probably be excited for whatever it is that the outfit's cooking up.

That's because Herman Hulst, the head of PlayStation Studios, has just paid a visit to Sony Santa Monica Studio — and the catch-up has clearly left an impression. "Thanks for having me @SonySantaMonica. Totally inspired by everything I saw today," Hulst writes on Twitter, seemingly beaming with pride.

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So, what's Sony Santa Monica Studio got in development, anyway? Well, it previously stated that there were no DLC plans for the aforementioned God of War Ragnarok — so we can probably rule that out. But what about a smaller God of War title set after the events of Ragnarok? It's possible, but we do wonder whether the bulk of Santa Monica Studio's workforce would have simply moved on to the next big God of War project — assuming there is one.

The only thing we actually know for sure is that creative director Cory Barlog is working on... something. And that something was potentially in development alongside Ragnarok.

What do you want to see from Sony Santa Monica Studio? Give us some outlandish speculation in the comments section below.