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  • Interview Grip Games - Foosball 2012

    Gripping stuff

    With Foosball 2012 now readily available on digital store shelves, we felt like it was an appropriate time to sit down with Grip Games’ Jakub Mikyska and have a good old chinwag about the origins of the PlayStation 3 and Vita exclusive. Tune in for chatter about net code, potential sequels and PlayStation Minis. Push Square: Hi,...


  • Interview Vigil Games - Darksiders II

    Straight from the Horseman's mouth

    Darksiders II is mounting up to charge onto PlayStation 3 next month. Before the Horsemen are upon us once more, Push Square caught up with Vigil Games' Haydn Dalton, lead designer on the game, at Manchester MCM Expo to speak about Darksiders II's new systems, how new character Death differs to War and the...


  • Interview SideQuest Studios - Rainbow Moon

    PSN SRPG chit chat

    Rainbow Moon is a new RPG from the team behind Söldner-X 2: Final Prototype and the gloriously named Söldner-X: Himmelsstürmer, set to hit PSN in the coming weeks. We spoke to Marcus Pukropski from developer SideQuest Studios about turns-based battles, Vita and the prospect of a 60-hour download game. Push Square: Hi, thanks so...


  • News Get the Lowdown on Resistance: Burning Skies' Multiplayer

    Connected chaos

    Resistance: Burning Skies doesn’t appear to be particularly ambitious – but as the first fully featured handheld multiplayer shooter, competence should prove more than enough. In this brand new PlayStation Blog interview, producer Craig Phillips has provided a full run-down of the multiplayer component’s primary features. Modes...

  • Interview Gaijin Games - RUNNER 2

    Future of rhythm gameplay

    Gaijin Games' BIT.TRIP series started life on WiiWare, spread onto Steam and then got the compilation treatment for Wii and 3DS, hitting retail in 2011. BIT.TRIP Presents Runner2 is the series' first step onto PS3, so we cornered Gaijin Games co-founders Alex Neuse and Mike Roush at PAX East to get the scoop on BIT.TRIP's...

  • Interview Beatshapers - StarDrone Extreme

    "My God, it's full of stars!"

    StarDrone was one of last year’s better PlayStation Network titles. The game’s furious blend of disparate game mechanics culminated in one of the most memorable puzzle titles of 2011, earning it a convincing 7/10 score in our StarDrone review. Today’s European PlayStation Store update sees the pinball-hybrid find...

  • Interview Goichi Suda - Grasshopper Manufacture

    Suda51 talks Lollipop Chainsaw, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and what "punk" means to his studio

    There's crazy, and then there's Japanese studio Grasshopper Manufacture's particular brand of bonkers, which positively oozes from its upcoming title Lollipop Chainsaw. As the developer braces itself for the June release of its over-the-top teenage bubblegum...

  • News Suda 51: "Not All Craziness is Good"

    Just most of it

    Goichi "Suda51" Suda is a man known for doing his own thing. From otaku assassin Travis Touchdown in No More Heroes to the multiple personalities of Killer7's Harman Smith, Suda's characters have always been off the wall, and his latest creation, Lollipop Chainsaw's zombie-culling cheerleader Juliet Starling, is no...


  • Interview Canabalt (PlayStation Minis)

    Don't stop moving

    What do you do when aliens invade your planet? Run. Canabalt is the simple tale of one man's escape from destruction and world domination, a dash across roof tops as a city crumbles around him. Obstacles pepper his path, and with well-timed button presses you must avoid them so as to gather speed and get as far away as possible...

  • News Sonic 4: Episode 2's Physics to be Based on Mega Drive Games

    Getting it right

    Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode 1 was not a bad game by any means, but it just didn’t feel right. Over the years, the Sonic series has developed a distinctive “feel” which was completely missing in SEGA’s episodic debut. Thankfully, the Japanese publisher is not planning on making the same mistake twice. Speaking with...

  • News David Cage Discusses the Development of Kara

    The genius is back

    If you haven’t seen Quantic Dream’s Kara technology demonstration yet, drop everything you’re doing and watch it. While the footage is not indicative of the Heavy Rain developer’s next project, it showcases the kind of technology leaps we can expect when the title is eventually announced. To complement yesterday's reveal,...

  • News thatgamecompany Considered Other Settings for Journey

    The forest temple?

    Images of Journey’s vast desert setting have become iconic amongst anticipant PlayStation fans – but things were almost so different. Speaking with Shacknews, thatgamecompany co-founder Jenova Chen has revealed that the company considered many environments for the backdrop of the game: Initially we thought, what if it’s...


  • Interview Drinkbox Studios - Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack

    The good, the bad, and the blob

    After enjoying success on PlayStation Network with the release of Tales from Space: About a Blob, developer Drinkbox Studios has now brought its unique brand of blob-rolling plaformer to Vita. With Tales from Space: Mutant Blobs Attack just recently released on Vita's own download service, we thought now might be a...

  • Interview thatgamecompany - Journey

    An emotional trip

    The long-awaited release date of thatgamecompany's Journey was finally announced recently. Before the follow up to flower trots onto PlayStation Network next month — 13th March for North America, 14th March for Europe and 15th March for Japan — Push Square spoke to Jenova Chen, co-founder and creative director of...

  • News thatgamecompany Looking to Move Beyond PlayStation

    Going on a Journey of its own

    Thatgamecompany is looking to bring its titles to a “bigger audience”, studio co-founder Jenova Chen has told us in an exclusive interview. The studio head noted that with Journey due to amble onto PlayStation Network next month, and the company’s three game exclusivity relationship with Sony completed, the team...

  • Interview Version2Games - Smash 'N' Survive

    Fender bender

    Car combat is staging a comeback. It’s not just Twisted Metal that’s set to drop onto PlayStation 3 this month, but also Version2Games’ Smash ‘N’ Survive, an explosive vehicular combat title that’s breaking new ground of its own. Indeed, the launch of Smash ‘N’ Survive will mark the first time an Indian developed game...