Fallout 4 Next Gen Version Out Now 1

The next-gen version of Fallout 4, which makes the game playable natively on PS5 and Xbox Series X|S, is now available to download. For download links, please refer to the below:

  • PS5 — PS Store
  • Xbox Series X|S — Xbox Store (original game receives a patch)
  • PC — Steam (original game receives a patch)

Any versions of Fallout 4 redeemed via PS Plus are not accepting the free PS5 upgrade. For further details, including how to upgrade your copy from PS4 to PS5 — either digitally or physically — please refer to this guide we have on the subject:

With the PS5 version now available, we will get to work here at Push Square on a thorough evaluation of the upgraded port. Bethesda has shared what each graphical mode is aiming to provide you:

  • Performance Mode: 60 FPS target, 4k resolution, standard settings, relying on dynamic resolution scaling.
  • Quality Mode: 30 FPS*, 4k resolution, ultra settings, should not require dynamic resolution scaling.
    *When connected to a 120Hz display, Quality mode will target 40 FPS.
    *When connected to a 1440p display, the title will run at 1440p resolution at 60 FPS w/ ultra settings regardless of rendering mode

In addition to better resolutions and framerates, the new version of Fallout 4 comes bundled with some new content sourced from the Creation Club. You can look forward to Enclave Weapon Skins, Enclave Armor Skins, a Tesla Cannon, Hellfire Power Armor, X-02 Power Armor, and the Heavy Incinerator. You can see a few of these pieces in the images below.

"Bethesda Game Studios is releasing a free Fallout 4 update for download on Xbox Series X|S and PlayStation 5," the publisher announced two weeks ago. "This free update includes native applications for PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X|S, Performance mode and Quality mode settings, as well as stability improvements and fixes. Experience up to 60 FPS and increased resolutions!"

If you're still playing on PS4 or Xbox One, those versions will receive a separate free update that makes improvements to stability, and fixes issues related to quests and logging in.

Will you be playing Fallout 4 on PS5, or either of the other new next-gen versions? Let us know in the comments below.

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