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  • News Strut Across San Francisco in Watch Dogs 2 Timelapse

    San Fran's biggest fan

    What year is it? Watch Dogs 2 is a good couple of years old now, but there’s renewed interest in the series as Ubisoft prepares to announce its Brit-based sequel. So here’s a video reminder of just how good the sequel’s Bay Area was, as one player has decided to strut across the entire map in a nifty new timelapse video...

  • News All Clues Point to a London Setting for Watch Dogs 3

    Oi oi

    Watch Dogs 3 will very likely be revealed at E3 this year. The sequel's been rumoured for what feels like an age, and in a year when Ubisoft has said that Assassin's Creed will be taking a break, it makes sense for the open world hack-a-thon to make a return in its absence. It's also long been rumoured that Watch Dogs 3 will take place in...



  • News Watch Dogs 2's Biggest Ever Update Drops This Month

    Adds PvP, online races, more

    Watch Dogs 2 garnered a decent amount of praise when it launched late last year, but its arrival didn't really set the world alight. Although it's commonly considered to be a sequel that improves upon just about everything that its predecessor got right, it released in a crowded period and was unfortunately overlooked by...


  • News Which City Will Watch Dogs 3 Be Set In?

    New tease points to outside America

    A new ending has been patched into Watch Dogs 2 which teases the location of the next game in the series. Ubisoft dropped a meaty 10GB patch for the open world title earlier this week, adding new clothing, bug fixes, and the aforementioned concluding cut-scene. There are spoilers in this article, so if you don't...


  • News Watch Dogs 2 Hacks Together a Free Demo on PS4

    And you can download it now

    Ubisoft's released a playable demo for Watch Dogs 2 on the PlayStation 4, and it appears to be quite meaty. You can actually sample the whole game - co-op and all - but you'll only be able to play for three hours before it ends. We suppose that with an open world title like Watch Dogs 2, though, this format makes more...




  • News Tap Up 30 Minutes of Watch Dogs 2 Gameplay

    Hacked off

    It's one of the biggest games of the year, but our looks at Watch Dogs 2 have been limited to say the least. Ubisoft, ever the experts at earning column inches for their wares, has hooked up the enthusiast press with tons of new gameplay footage -- and because our invite got lost in the post, we've reproduced's coverage...



  • News You Won't Have to Kill Anyone to Reach the End of Watch Dogs 2

    Hack attack

    Watch Dogs 2 appears to be going the route of full player choice, based on the comments of Danny Belanger, the sandbox sequel's director. According to Belanger, utilising deadly force is only one option when it comes to taking out the baddies - you don't have to kill a single one of them in order to reach the game's ending. "We're...

  • E3 2016 Hack into Watch Dogs 2's Sweet PS4 Gameplay Demo

    8/10 would hack again

    You know, aside from the f***ing guy with the hashtag eyes, Watch Dogs 2 actually looks pretty good, as evidenced by its E3 2016 gameplay demo. The video that we've embedded made a splash at Ubisoft's press conference, and was honestly one of the best parts of the French publisher's show. In it, we get to see main character...

  • E3 2016 All Watch Dogs 2 DLC Will Arrive Early on PS4

    Sony's also making a movie

    Sony's very own Jim Ryan took to the stage during Ubisoft's press conference earlier this evening to confirm that the Japanese giant will act as a co-marketing partner on the upcoming Watch Dogs 2, meaning that all of the game's commercials and advertising materials will centre on the PlayStation 4 release. The...

  • News Watch Dogs 2's Protagonist Has a Serious Hackitude Problem

    Less of an Android than Aiden, though

    Aiden Pearce and his iconic cap are out; Marcus Holloway and his skinny jeans are in. The smooth moving, Timberland wearing, wrongly accused Californian crim was announced as the protagonist of Watch Dogs 2 earlier today, and let's not beat around the bush: he's an instant improvement over his distinctly vanilla...

  • News Watch Dogs 2's PS4 Reveal Trailer Hacks the Planet

    San Frantastic

    Hackers may have obtained access to Watch Dogs 2's marketing materials earlier than expected, but Ubisoft has now officially revealed the game. Set in San Francisco as expected, the title will put you in the skinny jeans of nerd vigilante Marcus Holloway, who'll bring the Bay Area to its knees using his drone and smartphone. The...

  • Live Hack into the Watch Dogs 2 World Premiere Right Here

    Phone home

    We've already seen its commercial, but now it's time to find out what Watch Dogs 2 truly has to offer. The anticipated PlayStation 4 sequel will be getting its World Premiere today, and you'll be able to watch the whole thing unfold live from 17:00PM BST (12:0PM ET / 09:00AM PT). Don't worry if you can't watch right now, as we'll bring...

  • News Watch Dogs 2's First PS4 Trailer Is Really Something Else


    What the fine vanilla fudge is this? Watch Dogs 2's first commercial has leaked via Twitch, and it's definitely got a bigger identity than its predecessor – we're just not convinced by its faux-gangster theme. The clip confirms the game's San Francisco setting, and shows hipsters and cartel members jammin' to some bad rap wearing horse masks...

  • News Watch Dogs 2 Hacks PS4 Wide Open on 15th November

    Phone home

    Smartphones at the ready: Watch Dogs 2 will tap into your PlayStation 4 from 15th November, a prematurely deployed IGN advert has unveiled. The game – which was teased earlier in the week – will be set in San Francisco, as evidenced by the appearance of the Golden Gate Bridge in the background of the takeover's key art. It looks...

  • News Here's Your First Look at Watch Dogs 2 on PS4

    Hello world

    Teaser trailer time! Ubisoft has published your first look at Watch Dogs 2, which in true announcements of announcements fashion features 30 seconds of a dude – the one in Ray-Ban® glasses, we assume – faffing around with his phone. You can expect a full unveiling on 8th June at 09:00AM Pacific Time. We'll, of course, bring you...

  • Breaking Watch Dogs 2 to Include Iconic Ray-Ban® Glasses

    The iconic cap™ is not iconic enough

    Ubisoft turned the gaming industry on its head today, indicating that Watch Dogs protagonist Aiden Pearce's iconic cap™ will be replaced by iconic Ray-Ban® glasses instead. The sensational news emerged on famous video game player The Rad Brad's popular Twitter account, where he posted a picture of a gift...


  • Rumour Is This Watch Dogs 2's Main Character?

    Well, he does have an iconic cap

    Watch Dogs 2 is undoubtedly going to be on show at E3 next month, but we wouldn't be surprised if Ubisoft was planning on teasing the reveal before the big event kicks off. With that in mind, it was perhaps only a matter of time before something leaked - and so here we are, speculating over this iconic cap wearing...




  • Rumour Watch Dogs 2 Goes Walkies on Ubisoft Employee's CV

    Woof break

    In the least surprising news ever, Watch Dogs 2 appears to have been let off its lease. Julien Risse, who worked on the previous instalment in the phone hacking series, has accidentally included the release on his Linked In profile. This is no surprise, of course, as Ubisoft has talked about the possibility of creating a sequel to the...




  • 12


    Review Watch Dogs: Bad Blood

    Dreadlock screen

    Watch Dogs was a solid sandbox title that was let down by a shallow story and a weak cast of characters, and even though it featured a number of well designed missions and some great combat, a severe lack of personality kept proceedings from being truly memorable. Flash forward, and we have the game's first expansion: Bad Blood...

  • News Hack To Your Heart's Content with This Watch Dogs: Bad Blood DLC Launch Trailer

    Spoilers, probably

    If Watch Dogs' main quest wasn't enough to satiate your appetite for deftly shattering computer software, never fear, as the title will soon be receiving extra downloadable content. Titled Bad Blood, the DLC will see you playing as Raymond 'T-Bone' Kenney, attempting to outrun his past demons. In order to drum up excitement,...








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