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  • News Bethesda Dates E3 2019 Showcase, Teases DOOM Eternal and 'Much, Much More'

    No Fallout 76, please

    There was recently some speculation that Bethesda may not host its own E3 showcase this year, but those rumours have just been brushed aside. Unlike Sony and EA, Bethesda has confirmed that it will indeed have its own press conference at the event, which will take place on Sunday the 9th June at 17:30 PT. That's 02:30 UK time...

  • News Fallout 76's Wild Appalachia Expansion Is Out Now on PS4

    But why would you?

    It still isn't fixed, but Bethesda is continuing to truck along with the roadmap of content it has planned out for Fallout 76. The first piece is titled Wild Appalachia, and you can get a taste of what's in store for the few out there still playing in the trailer above. There's a series of new quests to take part in, features,...

  • News RAGE 2 Trailer Details Crazy Abilities and Brutal Takedowns

    The wasteland superhero

    If people thought Far Cry: New Dawn ate RAGE 2's lunch last month, the latest trailer is sure to set the record straight once again. The new footage goes deep on the sort of abilities you can take advantage of in the post-apocalyptic wasteland, as well as some unforgiving melee takedowns not for the the squeamish. A sort of...










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