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  • News Ubisoft Games Are Selling Way Better on PS4 Than on Other Platforms

    PS4 share sees a jump over 2016

    Ubisoft games have always performed well on the PlayStation 4, and going by the publisher's latest financial report, that fact's not going to change anytime soon. In this quarter of 2016, 31 per cent of Ubisoft's game sales were on PS4 -- an already big share that's actually jumped this year. Sony's console accounted...

  • News Gaming Greats Pay Respects to George A. Romero

    Filmmaker passes away aged 77

    George A. Romero, the legendary director behind the Living Dead series of movies, has passed away. The veteran – who appeared as a character in Call of Duty: Black Ops – is considered by many to be the father of the zombie genre, and his enormous influence can be felt all over the video game industry. It’s...


  • News E3 2017's Game Critics Awards Miss Some Heavy Hitters

    Best of the rest

    The nominees for the E3 2017 Game Critics Awards are in – and they’re missing a significant number of games. So the thing here is that the media had to be able to play at least five minutes of a title for it to be eligible, meaning that the likes of God of War, Spider-Man, Monster Hunter: World, Shadow of the Colossus, and...

  • News Industry Is Better When Nintendo Is Strong, Says Sony

    Platform holder doesn't think it'll be easy for Xbox One X

    Sony’s weighed in once again on the early success of the Nintendo Switch, stressing that it believes the increased presence in the space is a “good thing”. PlayStation Europe president Jim Ryan spoke earnestly about the positive reception the hybrid hardware has received, noting that...

  • News Well, May As Well Get the E3 2018 Tag Started, Right?

    Next year's show dated

    The industry’s barely had time to put a full-stop on E3 2017, but already it’s time to turn our attention to E3 2018. Good god! Anyway, the Entertainment Software Association – the group responsible for organising the annual show – has confirmed that next year’s event will take place between 12th June and 14th June,...

  • Reaction Curtain Closes on Ill-Tempered E3 2017

    Forgettable show has been feisty

    Well, this one won’t live long in the memory, will it? E3 2017 has been fine, but it’s been far from vintage, and we’re struggling to think of any one announcement or theme that we’ll remember in the days to come – yet alone years. In fact, if there’s any one defining feature that’s really stood out,...

  • Report Konami Still Freakin' Hates Hideo Kojima

    The publisher's not happy

    Hell hath no fury like Konami scorned, apparently. A report in Japanese newspaper Nikkei has revealed that the ongoing feud between the Japanese publisher and Metal Gear creator Hideo Kojima is ongoing – despite him having left the company years ago following the release of Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain. Back then...

  • News Sony: We're Not Frightened of Xbox Scorpio

    Company won't be losing any sleep

    Sony’s been busy conducting interviews with some of the biggest publications in the industry, and it’s inevitably been asked about Project Scorpio – the upcoming PS4 Pro-esque upgrade for the Xbox One, which is scheduled to release later this year. And it’s admitted that, while it’s eager to see what...

  • News Sony: We See PS4 and Nintendo Switch Sitting Side-by-Side

    Manufacturer thinks console's a “great success for Nintendo”

    Sony’s been running a lot of interviews ahead of E3 2017 this week, and PlayStation America boss Shawn Layden’s been chatting a little bit about the Nintendo Switch, which has gotten off to a strong start since its release in early March. Speaking with TIME, the suit said that the...

  • News PS4 Is Still Crushing the Competition, Especially in Europe

    Sony shares new numbers

    The PlayStation 4 is still well on track to being one of the most successful consoles that Sony has ever launched. Over the last few years, the current-gen machine has shown now signs of slowing down, and fresh comments from PlayStation bosses Shawn Layden and Jim Ryan only nail that point home. In an interview...



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