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  • News Ex-Naughty Dog Dev is Now Senior Game Designer on a Secret Sony PS4 Project


    Last year, Quentin Cobb left Naughty Dog to work on Just Survive, a PC-only zombie survival shooter, in the role of Senior Game Designer. 12 months later, and he's now back under the Sony umbrella under the same job title, but where he's working - and what he's working on - remains unknown. When asked which studio Cobb is now working...

  • News PUBG Corporation is Taking Epic Games to Court for Copyright Infringement

    The real battle royale

    Uh oh. PUBG Corporation, the developer of PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds, has filed a copyright infringement lawsuit against Epic Games for the similarities between its game and the explosively popular Fortnite. This can only end well. PUBG Corp. is a subsidiary of the Korean games company Bluehole Studio. A representative...

  • News Sony Improving and Increasing First-Party Production

    Exclusives for everyone

    Sony’s first-party games are doing extraordinarily well both critically and commercially at the moment, and that’s convinced the company to double down on exclusives. Speaking as part of a recent investors relations day, president John Kodera said that the company is planning to enhance its exclusive output, and added...

  • News Sony: We're Exploring What Our Customers Want from Portable Gaming

    Good luck with that

    The last time Sony talked about handheld gaming, former PlayStation president Andrew House ruled out the possibility of a PS Vita successor, while Worldwide Studios bigwig said that the “climate was not healthy” for portable gaming. While we still believe that statement to be generally accurate – the Nintendo Switch is a...

  • News Sony Is Thinking About a PSone Classic Console

    Yes please

    SNK announced recently that it would be producing a NeoGeo Classic Edition to celebrate its 40th anniversary, and rumours are rife regarding a potential Nintendo 64 Classic Mini. These micro-consoles have proven to be vastly popular, and naturally, we've pondered whether Sony would ever produce an equivalent for the PSone. According to...

  • News Sony Commits Support to PS4 Through 2021

    And probably beyond

    While the PlayStation 4 may be entering the final phase of its lifecycle, Sony intends to support the system through 2021 and potentially beyond. The platform holder pledged support to the platform as part of a mid-term corporate strategy report, which spans now through 31st March, 2021. Realistically, the console will probably...

  • News PS4 'Entering Final Phase of Its Life' Says Sony CEO

    Beginning of the end

    The PlayStation 4 is nearing the end of its life cycle, according to Sony Interactive Entertainment CEO John Kodera. Speaking at the company's latest investor meeting, Kodera's statement comes as no real surprise. After all, the PS4 will turn five years old this November. The question, then, is how long will this "final phase"...

  • News PlayStation VR Is Growing, But Virtual Reality Is Stumbling

    Company keeping expectations realistic

    PlayStation VR is doing well, but virtual reality as a whole is stumbling. Former PlayStation president Andrew House talked about this prior to his departure; Sony is absolutely dominating the fledgling medium, but the company needs growth across the entire sector for it to properly take off. In other words,...

  • News Sony Promises More First-Party PlayStation Exclusives

    Doubling down

    Sony is having a huge amount of success with its first-party exclusives this generation, and in promising news for us PlayStation fans, the company’s hinted that it will be doubling down on this area of the business. Speaking at an investors relations day overnight, CEO Kenichiro Yoshida said that the company aims to strengthen its...

  • News Best Buy Locks Up Popular Gamers Club Initiative

    No more deep discounts on new games

    All good things must come to an end, and for fans of Best Buy’s popular Gamers Club Unlocked, this particular news will be tough to swallow. Many enjoyed the annual subscription for the 20 per cent discounts it offered on brand new games, but it was clearly putting the company out of pocket, because it’s been...

  • News Sony Will Still Make Physical PS Vita Games in Japan

    Vita means life

    Earlier this week, it was reported that Sony will stop manufacturing PlayStation Vita game cartridges in the future. However, a new story originating from Japanese site GameSpark indicates that not all territories will be following suit -- SIE Japan will continue to produce physical games for the handheld. Translated by

  • News The Division 2 Due Before April 2019, Alongside The Crew 2 and Unannounced Ubisoft Title

    All of them 'AAA'

    In the latest earnings report from Ubisoft, the French publisher lets slip some of its plans for the relatively near future. For starters, the report states that The Division 2 -- announced but not shown back in March -- is due out this fiscal year. In other words, it'll launch at some point between now and April 2019. The shooter...

  • News Sony to Cease Production of Physical PS Vita Games

    The end is near

    In a message to developers, Sony has stated that it plans to stop producing PS Vita game cartridges, according to a report from Kotaku. The company says that this will happen by the end of the fiscal year 2018, which translates to 31st March 2019.  Sony also stipulates that all requests for Vita product codes be presented by...

  • News Horizon Developer Guerrilla Games Recruiting for New Game

    A new Horizon

    Gee, wonder what this could be? Dutch developer Guerrilla Games has started a hiring spree, suggesting that its next project is decided and is about to enter full production. We wonder if it could be a sequel to the studio’s massively popular breakout hit, Horizon: Zero Dawn? The mind truly boggles. Perhaps a more interesting...

  • News LawBreakers Developer Boss Key Productions Shuts Down

    Cliffy B releases statement

    Boss Key Productions "is effectively no more" according to Cliff Bleszinski, who co-founded the studio in 2014. The developer's only PlayStation title, LawBreakers, launched in August of last year, and although the team-based shooter was quite well received, it struggled to retain a sizeable player count. In what...

  • News PS4 Is Way Ahead of Xbox One in Total Console Sales, Says New Data

    EA spills the beans

    As we've known for some time now, Microsoft no longer publicly shares Xbox One sales figures. Meanwhile, Sony's been more than happy to spread word of the PlayStation 4's success on numerous occasions, with the company's most recent statement claiming that the current-gen console has moved close to 80 million units. It's always...

  • News Dragon Ball FighterZ Hits 2.5 Million Copies, Closing In on Tekken 7 Already


    According to Bandai Namco's latest financial presentation, Dragon Ball FighterZ has done rather well for itself since it launched back in January of this year. The superb brawler has shifted 2.5 million copies in under four months, making it one of the fastest selling fighting games of this generation. The publisher also notes that...

  • News EA 'Pushing Forward' with Loot Boxes, Working to Protect Revenue Stream

    Wilson weighs in

    The various Ultimate Team modes in EA’s sports games now generate more income than brands like The Sims and Battlefield, so it’s no surprise to see the publisher double-down on lucrative loot boxes – despite the threat of government regulation. Both Belgium and the Netherlands recently declared the divisive “card...

  • News Capcom Looking to Release Two 'Major' Games By April 2019

    But what could they be?

    According to the company's latest financial report, Capcom has plans to release not one, but two "major" titles before the end of this fiscal year. That's by the 31st March, 2019, for those out of the loop. Of course, this news has already led to plenty of speculation across the 'net. With E3 2018 fast approaching, it...


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