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  • Guide PS4 to PS4 Pro Data Transfer

    Copy over all those Games and Saves to a PS4 Pro

    So, you've got your hands on a brand new PS4 Pro, and you may be wondering how to transfer all of your games, saves, and other data across to the supercharged system. Alternatively, you may have bought a PS4 Slim, and be looking to move all of your content across. But what's the easiest way to do...



  • Guide Boxing Day 2016 - Best PS4 Deals (UK Edition)

    Season of sales

    Christmas is well underway, which means that it's time to start thinking about those Boxing Day sales. You've no doubt got a big wad of cash burning a hole in your pocket, and you're probably wondering where you should invest it. Well, we've pulled together some of the better 26th December savings in this article, and we'll be...

  • Guide Boxing Day 2016 - Best PS4 Deals (US Edition)

    Sale away

    Boxing Day 2016 is traditionally a bigger window for deals in the UK, but there's still some good stuff up for grabs in the United States. We'll be updating this article over time with all of the best PlayStation 4 deals in the United States, so do check back if you're eager to splash some Christmas cash. <products region="USA"...

  • Guide The Best PlayStation Gifts for the Holiday Season (US Edition)

    Keeping Claus busy

    Ho ho ho! Spoilers: Santa doesn't actually exist, so you have to actually buy Christmas gifts. Fortunately, we come sharing tips for the gamer (or gamers) in your life. Sony's peddling so many accessories, games, and extras this year that there's… Well, a worrying amount of goods to pick. But don't worry: we've selected the...

  • Guide The Best PlayStation Gifts for the Holiday Season (UK Edition)

    Press X to Xmas

    'Tis the season to spend money. God, that's really freakin' cynical, isn't it? It's also probably not the best way to kickstart our shameless article in which we peddle PlayStation gifts in the hope that you'll click through and earn us a bit of commission. Wait a minute, are we writing all this down? Bloody hell! Seriously, though,...

  • Guide What Time Does Sony's PSX 2016 Press Conference Start?

    Action stations

    This is it, then: the final PlayStation press conference of the year. To be fair, the calendar hasn't exactly been overflowing with them in 2016. Yes, we had the excellent E3 2016 this summer, but TGS 2016 and PlayStation Meeting were both considerably low-key – especially when it came to new software announcements. Without a...

  • Guide When and Where to Watch The Game Awards 2016

    TGA! TGA! TGA!

    The Game Awards 2016 will be held live in Los Angeles tonight, and you're probably wondering what time the action will get underway, eh? And what can you actually expect from the show if you do decide to set aside time to watch it? Well, we come bearing answers to all of your most burning questions. What Time Do The Game Awards...







  • Guide When Do Overwatch's PS4 Servers Go Live?

    Time to get online

    Rather smartly, Blizzard is allowing you to get your hands on Overwatch ahead of its official 24th May launch so that you can get the game downloaded and installed ahead of time. You may be wondering, however, when the servers will go online. Fortunately, we have answers! The official live time is the same globally: 00:00AM BST...

  • Guide How to Get the Relic Finder Trophy in Uncharted 4

    Locations for all three Strange Relics

    Uncharted 4: A Thief's End has more collectibles than any of its predecessors when you factor in journal entries, hidden treasures, and optional conversations. However, there's a standalone Trophy for three very special secret items if you can locate them: Relic Finder. As with all of Nathan Drake's other...





  • Guide When Does The Division Beta Begin on PS4?

    How can you get access? How big is the file?

    Ubisoft, you sly dogs. At first we thought that all of the snow in New York City was a freak natural occurrence, but now we've realised that it was just viral marketing for Tom Clancy's The Division, which is set to receive its inaugural public beta this week. Of course, you may be wondering how to get...

  • Guide What Time Does Sony's CES 2016 Press Conference Start?

    Hirai we go

    Consumer electronics! You like phones, televisions, and those dumb gizmos that regularly put Sony in the red, right? Boy, do we have a treat for you, then – as the Japanese giant will be holding its annual CES 2016 press conference in Las Vegas this evening. While this event is usually reserved for the Japanese giant's other...





  • Guide How to Upload Share Videos to Twitter on PS4

    Special moments

    We'd argue that uploading screenshots to Twitter has been one of the major draws of the share button, so we're confident that video clips are going to get some real mileage, too. Firmware update v3.00 will allow you to upload ten second clips to the social network site, and here's how you can get your footage online. 1. Capture some...