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  • News BBC's PS4 iPlayer Updated with 4K Ahead of Inaugural England Match

    Tunisia in

    The BBC is killing it at the moment, with its PlayStation VR powered World Cup experience in particular dropping jaws. However, it’s not done kicking competitor ITV while it’s down just yet, as it’s just updated the PlayStation 4’s iPlayer app to support 4K streaming on the PlayStation 4 Pro ahead of England’s first match versus...



  • News There's a BBC Drama About Grand Theft Auto

    And it's got Harry Potter in it

    BBC dramas tend to go one of two ways: they're either really good like Sherlock or awful like The Gamechangers appears to be. This forthcoming feature starring Daniel Radcliffe promises to plot the rise of Grand Theft Auto developer Rockstar Games, with Harry Potter himself filling the role of London-born chief Sam...




  • News Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock Arrives on Vita Next Week

    Time lord

    It seems the titular Eternity Clock is running slow, seeing as Doctor Who’s arrival on PlayStation Vita is extremely late. Nearing six months since the PS3 release, BBC Worldwide has confirmed that the critically panned Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock will arrive in handheld form next week. That’s 9th October in North America and 10th...


  • News PS3 BBC Sports App Scores a Few Extra Pixels

    Now in high-definition

    If you were worried that you weren’t going to be able to see Jessica Ennis’ incredible... Er, gold medal winning performances in high-definition, then your prayers have been answered. Sony has announced that the beta version of the BBC Sports App currently available for PS3 has been upgraded to support high-definition...


  • News BBC Sports Application Enters Beta on PS3

    Anyone for tennis?

    Those of you across the pond have our permission to tune-out while we inform our UK readers that the BBC Sports application for PS3 has entered beta. The free download – currently available from the “My Channels” area of the XMB – will allow you to stream a “huge quantity” of sporting events directly from Sony's home...


  • News Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock Turns Back Time on 23rd May

    Tardy Vita version lags behind

    Fans of dodgy British sci-fi will be able to get their fill on 23rd May when Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock releases on PlayStation 3. It’ll launch as a digital download first, but will quickly be followed by a retail release on 25th May. Sadly, the Vita version won’t arrive until 13th June. Both titles will be...


  • News Doctor Who: The Eternity Clock Nabs a Limited Retail Release


    If we watched Doctor Who like the rest of the world, you could guarantee this article would be packed to the brim with puns and self-referential jokes. Trouble is: we don’t, and we’ve used up our one and only pun in the sub-headline. Oh well. In that case, we’re going to jump straight to the point: the BBC’s announced a limited...





  • News BBC iPlayer 3 Comes To The PlayStation 3 This Year

    The BBC's revealed that the upgraded version of the iPlayer will hit the PlayStation 3 sometime later this year

    A Techradar interview with the BBC's Simon Cross has revealed that the player is on the "roadmap for this year". The upgrade brings new social functionality to the iPlayer, such as a "For You" section which generates programming based on other things you have watched..