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  • News Red Faction: Guerrilla Is Looking to Level PS4


    Red Faction: Guerrilla, the entertaining open world destruction simulation, appears to be heading to the PlayStation 4 – well, that’s if various GameStop listings are accurate. The title popped up on the websites of multiple European branches, with no release date attached. THQ Nordic has kept itself busy remastering various products in its...

  • News Foul-Mouthed Platformer Rad Rodgers Heading to PS4


    THQ Nordic isn't done announcing new projects just yet. The latest game the publisher has revealed is a console release of Rad Rodgers, a Kickstarted platformer featuring the titular young boy and his cursing robot companion. The game launches on PS4 21st February. The game is a 2D platformer with shooter elements set in what appears to...

  • News The Raven Remastered Announced for PS4, Coming This March

    By Jove!

    THQ Nordic has today announced it will be bringing The Raven: Legacy of a Master Thief to PS4. Originally released on PS3 in 2013, the remaster of this episodic whodunnit mystery features fully redone animation, lighting, and hair, according to the publisher's press release. Additionally, The Raven Remastered will also feature subtitles in...

  • News de Blob 2 Brings Even More Colour to PS4 Next Month

    Poor man's Splatoon 2

    THQ Nordic has today announced that it will be releasing de Blob 2 on PS4, and we won't have to wait very long. The port will be released on 27th February. This follows the re-release of the original game, which we had fun revisiting back in November. The publisher details the game in a press release, but you probably know...

  • News MX vs. ATV Goes All Out on 27th March

    Behind handlebars

    Off-road motorsport mash-up MX vs. ATV All Out will saddle up on 27th March, publisher THQ Nordic has announced. Interestingly, digital pre-orders will score you four days early access, so you’ll be able to play from 23rd March if you purchase it from the PlayStation Store. Those who prefer to shop at retail will be rewarded with...



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    Review Black Mirror

    A Scottish haunting

    Before Charlie Brooker came onto the scene, Black Mirror was more commonly known as a series of point-and-click adventure games released on the PC in the mid-2000s. Its initial three entries were fairly well received, and after a seven year absence, the name is back with a re-imagining of its story, themes, and a mix-up in the...

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    Review de Blob

    Poor man's Splatoon?

    Nine years after its appearance on the Wii, de Blob has rolled onto the PlayStation 4. While certainly an unexpected port, it isn’t an unwelcome one. This colourful platformer was a delightfully whimsical adventure nearly a decade ago, with a simple concept that exuded fun and creativity. Pleasingly, this holds true today...

  • News We Gave ELEX a 4/10, But We'll Admit That Its Accolades Trailer Is Pretty Great


    You know what's really cool about opinions? You don't necessarily have to share them with other people. Sadly, this is a fact of life that the internet gets wrong all too often, so it's actually quite refreshing to see THQ Nordic having a laugh with its accolades trailer for ELEX. The open world role-playing game launched last month on...



  • News Donate to Charity and Get 15 PS4 Games for Pocket Change

    Not a bad deal

    THQ Nordic has brought back its Humble Bundle from earlier in the year, meaning that you can get up to 15 PlayStation 4 games for $15, which is a bargain really. Not all of the games are great, but you do get both Darksiders titles, as well as a few PS2 Classics like Red Faction and both Destroy All Humans! instalments. If you’re...

  • News BioMutant's Overly Talkative Narrator Can Be Toned Down

    Good to hear

    BioMutant, the unique looking action role-playing game that was revealed at Gamescom last month, looked quite promising in its first gameplay footage. However, one aspect that we weren't all that keen on was the narration. We don't mind a bit of commentary here and there, but this was the kind of thing that'd probably drive you mad...




  • News Open World PS4 RPG ELEX Gets a New Gameplay Trailer


    Last week, we wrote about the reappearance of ELEX, an open world role-playing title that's coming to PlayStation 4 in October. Its cinematic trailer made an interesting case, and now, you can get a glimpse of the game in action thanks to its new gameplay video. We don't like judging titles by their trailers, but the release is looking...



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    Review This Is the Police

    911 is not a joke

    Weappy Games' strategy-cum-noir adventure This Is the Police has you inhabit the day-to-day drudgery of retiring police chief Jack Boyd, grinding out his last 180 days on the force and trying to keep things running smoothly for the city of Freeburg's corrupt mayor. Dogged by allegations of corruption and a career full of regret, we...

  • Video Handcuff Yourself to An Hour of This Is the Police on PS4

    What you gonna do when they come for you?

    Anticipated adventure strategy game This Is the Police will begin its beat on the PlayStation 4 this week, so we dug out our baton and streamed the first hour or so live on our YouTube channel. You can witness all of the action via the archive embedded above.

  • News Sine Mora EX Braves Bullet Hell on PS4 This Summer


    Who remembers Sine Mora, then? It was billed as a big deal once upon a time, releasing on the PlayStation 3 and Vita with input from Suda51 if our memory is correct. Anyway, it kinda came and went but still has a cult following in some circles, and now THQ Nordic has announced that an extended version will release on the PlayStation 4 this...



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    Review Darksiders: Warmastered Edition

    The art of war

    It's weird to think that since Darksiders was released in 2010, Vigil Games disbanded, THQ went bankrupt, and Nordic Games acquired the franchise. Not only that, but it has even reincorporated under the name THQ Nordic and overseen remasterings of both games. So while ex-Vigil Games employees are scattered around the place with...

  • News Darksiders Will Be Remastered in 4K Resolution on PS4 Pro

    Dark side of the moon

    Darksiders: Warmastered Edition may have the worst name this side of Darksiders 2: Deathinitive Edition, but at least it isn't cutting any corners. Newly named publisher THQ Nordic has confirmed that the remaster will run at 1080p on the standard PlayStation 4 and will be enhanced with 4K support on the PS4 Pro. There's a...