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    Review Mafia III

    An offer you might want to refuse

    1968 was a turbulent year in United States history. With both the Vietnam War in full swing, and the assassination of Martin Luther King Jr. in April of that year, there was a rising tide of non-violent protest and civil disobedience, especially by African-Americans, who wanted the equality they should rightfully be...


  • News Mafia 3's Original Intro Was So Controversial It Had to Be Erased

    New Bord-oh

    Mafia III, for all its flaws, delves into some pretty dark subject matter. But developer Hangar 13 originally planned to open the title with an introduction so controversial that it’s since removed all traces of the scene from its servers. “If ever that had come out without any context in any form it would have looked terrible,”...


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    Review XCOM 2

    Loving the alien

    Republished on Wednesday 30th May 2018: We're bringing this review back from the archives following the announcement of June's PlayStation Plus lineup. The original text follows. When aliens landed on Earth in 2012 strategy game XCOM: Enemy Unknown, it was up to you to unite the people of our planet against the invading...


  • Report 2K's Working on a Top-Secret BioShock Title

    Would you kindly be excited?

    Uncovered as part of an excellent Kotaku report on Mafia III’s missteps, a new BioShock game is in development at a top-secret 2K Games studio next door to Hangar 13. According to the article – penned by the ever-reliable Jason Schreier – the Mafia maker was working on an espionage adventure, before it slipped into...


  • News Mafia III Developer Hangar 13 Hit With Job Cuts

    2K reduces staff

    A new report from Kotaku states that Hangar 13, the studio behind 2016's Mafia III, has suffered a significant number of layoffs. Publisher 2K told Kotaku that staff reductions have been made at Hangar 13 "in order to ensure that the studio’s resources are properly aligned with its long-term development plans". Their statement...


  • News Some Savvy Publishers Are Now Using Trophies to Sell Ads

    I'm lovin' it

    2K Games never misses an opportunity to make a little extra cash on the side – just take a look at the microtransactions situation in NBA 2K18. But it may have hit rock bottom with WWE 2K18, selling the description and icons of a couple of its Trophies to KFC and Snickers respectively. Yes, that’s right – it’s quite literally...


  • News Give Mafia III a Shot For Free with Its New PS4 Demo

    Bite-sized revenge

    Mafia III may not have set the open world genre alight as was intended, but by most accounts, it's not that bad overall. The game's obviously been out for a while now, but coinciding with the release of its first expansion, a playable demo has hit the PlayStation Store. If you've had your eye on Mafia III but the lukewarm...

  • News Here's Your Shock First Look at Borderlands 3


    Gearbox clearly should have prioritised Borderlands 3 ahead of Battleborn, but what's done is done, and the good news is that the studio is finally forging ahead with the loot shooter sequel. Boss Randy Pitchford took to the stage during an Unreal Engine panel at GDC 2017 today to reveal a little more about the title – much to the...


  • News Mafia III's Story Expansions Start Dropping Next Month

    Can't escape the life

    If you're still into Mafia III, you may be interested in knowing that its promised trio of story expansions have been given release windows. Things kick off with the strangely named Faster, Baby!, which is due out at some point next month. Then, in May, we're getting Stones Unturned, followed by Sign of the Times in July...


  • News Big Battleborn PS4 Patch Adds New Modes, Pro Support, and More

    All players can now choose a 60fps option

    Battleborn is pushing out its big winter update today, adding a load of new stuff to the hero based shooter on PlayStation 4. You can expect new modes, a revamped user interface, a Command Rank cap increase, time specific quests, and PS4 Pro support. According to 2K, "no part of Battleborn was left...

  • News Mafia III Smuggles a Stealth PS4 Pro Patch

    In and out

    Its popularity may have fallen off a cliff a few days after it launched, but at least Mafia III is still being supported by developer Hanger 13. As pointed out by Digital Foundry, the sandbox crime sim has very quietly received a PS4 Pro update - there's apparently no mention whatsoever of Pro support in the patch notes, which seems a...


  • News Mafia III Is Somehow 2K Games' Fastest Selling Release

    4.5 million copies shipped in one week

    You know those occasions where a bit of news filters out and you almost have to read it twice in order to properly parse it? Yeah, this is one of those times: Mafia III has become 2K Games' fastest selling game of all time, outpacing franchises such as BioShock, NBA 2K, and Borderlands. To be honest, we're as...


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    Review Carnival Games VR

    Infinite bore fair

    Ah, this is just what PlayStation VR needed: a minigame collection. And not just any superficial smorgasbord of banal activities either, but the granddaddy of the genre: Carnival Games VR. Those of you who hold on to haunting thoughts like a manic depressive in a mental health institute may remember this 2K Games published series...

  • Video Does Carnival Games VR Bring All the Fun of the Fair to PS4?

    Roll up, roll up

    Carnival Games is back! Do you remember this franchise proving surprisingly popular on the Nintendo Wii? Well, now publisher 2K Games is hoping to catch bottled lightning for a second time on PlayStation VR. This is essentially a mini-game collection which features an array of funfair-esque activities. But is it any good? Watch the...

  • News Evolve's No Longer Going Free-to-Play on PS4


    Evolve is finished. The first-person shooter which gobbled up Game of the Show awards like they were going out of fashion has been dropped by developer Turtle Rock – mere months after going free-to-play on PC. It's safe to assume that the complimentary release didn't catch fire quite like the studio wanted it to. This all means that the...

  • Round Up Mafia III Takes a Bullet or Two in First Reviews

    Fed to the alligators?

    Mafia III's off to a bit of a rough start in the reviews department, it would seem. The sandbox mob-'em-up launched last week on PlayStation 4, but critic reviews are only just beginning to roll in due to the fact that publisher 2K Games didn't want to send pre-release review code to anyone that isn't a YouTuber. Some of the...

  • Video Should You Buy Mafia III for Your PS4?

    Mob job

    As is widely known already, 2K Games didn't send out advance review code for Mafia III, so we're only just digging into the New Bordeaux-based drama. But should you buy it? Well, we've streamed over an hour of gameplay footage so that you can get a feel for the crime caper – and you can watch the archived footage above. Are you planning...

  • News Pimp Mafia III on Social Media and Have Vinnie Jones Give You 10p Coffee

    Served in empty bullet cartridges

    We can picture it now: a PR person in a trendy office with a whiteboard desperately trying to think of a fashionable way to promote Mafia III without flinging early access codes at uncompromisingly enthusiastic YouTubers. The only problem is that he has to somehow link the game, which takes place in a fictional...

  • News Mafia III Reviews Will Remain in the Bayou Beyond Launch

    Gangster's nightmare

    Mafia III releases on 7th October globally, but don't expect to find a review on Push Square – or any site worth your time for that matter. 2K Games informed us recently that code would go out on launch day, and Polygon has since confirmed that to be the case for other outlets around the world. In other words: you probably...


  • News Battleborn's Probably Maybe Possibly Going Free-to-Play Soon

    Pitchford says no yes kinda

    In news that would struggle to surprise even the late Cilla Black, Kotaku is reporting that Battleborn will be going free-to-play soon. This is something that Gearbox gaffer Randy Pitchford has already moved to deny, though his tirade of tweets are… Something to say the least. Writing on social media, the suit...

  • News 16 Minutes of Mafia III Gameplay Outlines Stealth and Gunplay

    Either way will do

    We've lost count of how many trailers 2K Games has released for Mafia III, but we're pretty sure that none of them have been as comprehensive as the video that we've embedded above. The clip contains around 16 minutes of gameplay from next month's sandbox crime-'em-up, highlighting the various ways that you can tackle missions...

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    Review BioShock: The Collection

    As above, so below

    When it was released in 2007, BioShock was hailed as a masterpiece by the gaming press and remains to this day a high watermark for the story-driven shooter. A thematic follow up to cult PC game System Shock 2 with a story that explored the objectivist philosophies of Ayn Rand set in a world modelled after the bleak dystopia of...

  • News Mafia III Takes Aim at Free DLC and Three Premium Expansions

    Lock and load

    It looks like developer Hangar 13 has reasonably big plans for Mafia III after it launches next month, promising free downloadable content packs along with three premium expansions. The free stuff is largely what you'd expect - costumes, weapons, and extra vehicle customisation - but the studio also makes mention of races, which...

  • News New Mafia III Gameplay Trailer Takes Justice Into Its Own Hands

    Safety's off

    Mafia III lead Lincoln Clay doesn't mess around, does he? The star of the game's latest trailer, we see Clay take down a ton of criminals, from lowly drug dealers to mob bosses and more. Sure, his methods may not be subtle - they appear to be of the 'shoot first, ask questions later' variety - but hey, he gets the job done. Of course,...



  • News Mafia III's Main Character Is a Man on a Mission

    Mob justice

    From what we've seen of Mafia III so far, we're reasonably excited for the upcoming open world mob-'em-up, and while we have some reservations when it comes to the sequel's rather standard looking gameplay, we reckon that the setting and characters seem pretty interesting. Speaking of which, protagonist and Vietnam veteran Lincoln...

  • News Evolve Will Be Playable for Free on PS4 Soon

    Admits original release caused a "s***storm"

    As expected, Evolve really is going free-to-play – but not on the PlayStation 4 just yet. While PC players will be able to download the complimentary client's beta starting today, fans of Sony's system will need to wait until Turtle Rock's got everything in order. Once it's satisfied with the PC...

  • News Is PS4 Shooter Evolve About to Go Free to Play?

    Level up

    Remember Evolve? It was that game by the ex-Left 4 Dead devs that won a slew of awards prior to release, and then was swiftly ignored by gamers and the media once it actually launched. Well, it looks like it's about to make a comeback – or at least try to, we suppose. Turtle Rock, the studio behind the shooter, has put a countdown on the...



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    Review Battleborn

    Genre blended meta growth

    Back in 2014, Gearbox Software head honcho Randy Pitchford incomprehensibly described Battleborn as an "FPS; hobby-grade co-op campaign; genre-blended, multi-mode competitive e-sports; meta-growth, choice epic Battleborn Heroes". While no one could quite decipher just what he was going on about, it was safe to assume that...





  • News 2K Games Takes a Tighter Grip on the WWE License


    Tasuki told us to tell y'all: 2K Games has signed a "multi-year" deal with WWE ensuring that it will continue publishing sweaty men simulators for the foreseeable future. Tasuki also politely asked yours truly not to say anything derogatory during this article so that he doesn't have to clean up the comments section. It's the beginning of...


  • PSX 2015 Battleborn Bunkers Down with New Trailer

    Battle-yawn! Right?

    Gearbox Software may be building a brand new IP in Battleborn, but it's nice to know that it still thinks that screaming characters are teh funnies. During the big PlayStation Experience 2015 keynote yesterday, Randy Pitchford revealed the latest character to be added to its MOBA meets FPS hybrid: Toby, the Destroyer – a...



  • Rumour BioShock Collection Steps into PS4's Bathysphere

    Would you kindly

    We've chalked this up as a rumour for now, but you can send us to Rapture if it doesn't eventually happen. South African retailer Raru – we know, we know – has listed The BioShock Collection for release on the PlayStation 4. There's no original artwork so the retailer could just be acting presumptuously, but this series is...




  • News Civilization Revolution 2 Plots an Uprising on PS Vita

    Seemingly settling down on Sony's system

    Do you know what the PlayStation Vita needs? Well, a few non-Japanese strategy games would be nice. The system's blessed with more tactical role-playing releases than you'll find in a Super Potato store, but when it comes to titles such as Tropico, it's a barren wasteland. And that's a shame, as its various...

  • News Battleborn's a PS4 Game for Every Kind of Badass

    Pick your poison

    If you're the kind of person that believes variety is the spice of life, then Battleborn may just be the PlayStation 4 game for you. Following a vague reveal in July last year, developer Gearbox has outlined its shooter-cross-MOBA in a little more detail, announcing that the full release will feature a whopping 25 characters for...



  • News Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Developer Shuts Up Shop

    Caught in a Claptrap

    Ah, the brutal realities of AAA game development: Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel was a generally well received entry in Gearbox's lootin', shootin' series – but the developer no longer exists. Kotaku broke the news courtesy of an anonymous source, but publisher 2K Games has since confirmed the closure. "We can confirm that we...

  • DLC Review Is Evolve's DLC a Colossal Scam?

    Monstrous pricing

    Just over a month since we donned the monster hunting boots of Evolve, we're now greeted with the anticipated Hunting Season Pass and, for those of you who pre-ordered, the Monster Expansion pack. The core release was received in a rather mixed fashion by most – gleaning a solid if unspectacular 6/10 in our review – but with...

  • News 2K Games Restores NBA 2K14 Servers, Career Save Files Should Work Again

    Slam dunk

    It's always worth complaining when you feel that you've been treated unfairly, evidenced by the fact that 2K Games has restored the NBA 2K14 servers. Earlier, we reported that the basketball sim's online functionality had been shut down, and, despite reassurance that it wouldn't happen, players had their career save files deleted as a...

  • News Players Aren't Happy with 2K Games After Publisher Deletes NBA 2K14 Save Files

    Slam dump

    With a new game releasing each year when it comes to the big sports franchises, you can see why publishers are eager to shut down the online services of previous outings. However, 2K Games has managed to cock-up its recent shutting of NBA 2K14's servers, much to the dismay of its lasting user base. After assuring players that their...



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    Review Evolve

    Play your f***ing class

    In a generation littered with server issues, campaign length fears, and a heightened interest in getting more for your money, it seems odd that a title would launch with some online-only multiplayer modes, no real campaign, and more DLC than you can probably afford. That's exactly what Evolve has done. However, this...

  • News Sony's Sending Free Evolve PS4 Themes to EU PlayStation Plus Members

    Level up your device's dashboard

    PlayStation Plus more or less pays for itself when you look at the free games that get given away on a monthly basis, but the platform holder regularly sends out the odd surprise to engaged members. This Evolve PlayStation 4 theme that's being distributed in Europe is a nice little extra on top of the Instant Game...

  • News You Can Spend Over $60 on Evolve's Day One DLC

    On the hunt

    Evolve's doing itself no favours is it? While the four-versus-one shooter has received some largely positive reviews from critics, its maddening pre-order campaign and the sheer amount of different day one editions that were available across consoles and PC put the game in a negative light for many potential buyers. What we're really...

  • Round Up Evolve PS4 Reviews Tread Very, Very Lightly

    But is Turtle Rock's latest still beastly?

    In a way, we can't help but feel sorry for Evolve. While it doesn't sound like the Turtle Rock shooter's going to have any crippling problems – of a technical nature, anyway – the four-versus-one affair has, in many ways, taken the fall for the failings of so many of last year's big games. The majority...

  • News Evolve Will Require a 3GB Patch on PS4 to Hit Its Final Form

    Bulking up on bandwidth

    Ah, good old Evolve – the critical darling that just seems to have gotten smaller and smaller in importance since its initial unveiling. While we're yet to be convinced by Turtle Rock's first-person shooter, though – unsurprisingly, it seems that our review code has gotten 'lost in the post' – we daresay that a fair...

  • News Borderlands Multiplayer Makes a Quiet Return on PS3

    Sound the Siren

    The forthcoming PlayStation 4 port Borderlands: The Handsome Collection will not include the original Borderlands, so franchise fans may be relieved to learn that multiplayer has been patched back in to the ageing PlayStation 3 release. The title was rendered offline-only following GameSpy's closure last year, but Gearbox has teamed...

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