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  • News Vegito Blue and Fused Zamasu Confirmed for Dragon Ball FighterZ

    Fusion ha!

    The latest issue of Weeky Jump has just hit store shelves in Japan, and within its pages is confirmation that Vegito Blue and Fused Zamasu are the next additional characters coming to Dragon Ball FighterZ. Yep, it's looking like the datamine leak is the real deal. Much like Broly and Bardock, who launched last month, it's highly...

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    Review Impact Winter

    As cold as ice

    The atmosphere and intrigue of Impact Winter's world are truly gripping, and developer Mojo Bones has sculpted an environment that's begging for an incredible gameplay experience to take place within it. This aura alone is enough to make this title engrossing for the first couple of hours, but unfortunately, the gameplay is not nearly...

  • News Here's a Glimpse at Fresh Code Vein Gameplay


    Code Vein still doesn't have a confirmed release date, and now that the later months of the year are starting to look pretty darn busy, we're beginning to wonder if the action role-playing title will actually make it out in 2018 to begin with. Speculation aside, at least the game's still looking promising. Bandai Namco's put out a short...

  • News Siegfried Returns with His Bloody Big Sword in SoulCalibur VI

    Blocking out the nighmares

    Series veteran Siegfried has joined the SoulCalibur VI roster, and yes, he's still swinging that huge sword around without even considering the long term wrist injury consequences. There was some speculation that Siegfried may not make it into the upcoming fighter due to the fact that he's also Nightmare, but that's...

  • Guide SoulCalibur VI - All Confirmed Characters

    Every soul revealed so far

    So, which characters have made the cut in SoulCalibur VI? Bandai Namco's long running fighting game franchise is returning in 2018, and fans naturally want the character roster to be as sharp as possible. The series has a catalogue of impressively designed duellists, and we're sure SoulCalibur VI will try to make the most...

  • News Those SoulCalibur VI Release Date Rumours Are Fake

    Official word's in

    Over the past week or so, rumours of SoulCalibur VI's release date have been gathering speed. Officially, all we've been told up to this point is that the weapon-based fighter is due out in 2018, but more specific dates have been passed around on social media and have appeared on a number of websites. From what we gather, some of...

  • News One Piece: Grand Cruise Sails to PSVR on 22nd May

    Luffy here

    One Piece: Grand Cruise, the PlayStation VR powered experience inspired by the popular Weekly Shōnen Jump series, will drop its anchor on 22nd May in Europe and North America. According to the press release, the title will see you “step onto the famous Thousand Sunny ship to meet the legendary Straw Hat Crew including Luffy, Zoro,...

  • News Acclaimed RPG Divinity: Original Sin 2 Adventures to PS4 This August

    Simply divine

    After being drowned in review scores of 9s and 10s on PC, Divinity: Original Sin II has been confirmed for a console release later this year. The rather large role-playing title will launch for PlayStation 4 in August, and it's being published by Bandai Namco. A sequel to an already great game in Divinity: Original Sin -...

  • News Dark Souls Remastered Cleans Up Nicely on PS4 Pro

    But it's nothing amazing

    The first footage of Dark Souls Remastered running on the PlayStation 4 Pro has hit the web, and it’s looking perfectly adequate. Running in 4K at 60 frames-per-second on Sony’s supercharged system, the title’s looking tight, with improved lighting and textures pushing it above its PlayStation 3 counterpart. To be...

  • News Dragon Ball FighterZ DLC Characters Leaked Through More Datamining

    It looks like the rumours were right

    Rumours regarding the complete roster of additional Dragon Ball FighterZ characters have been swirling for months now, but it's looking like the title's latest patch all but confirms which characters will be added. YouTube user Mizumi found files that suggest previous leaks were indeed correct, with Fused...






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