Who is the real-life model Eve is based on in Stellar Blade? Eve's curves and revealing attire has attracted a lot of fans to Shift Up's console debut, but is she inspired by a real person and who is it? On this page, as part of our Stellar Blade guide, we're going to answer the question: who is the real-life model Eve is based on?

Who Is the Real-Life Model Eve Is Based on in Stellar Blade?

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Stellar Blade's protagonist Eve is based on real-life South Korean model Shin Jae-eun. We spent months searching for confirmation of the Instagram star’s inclusion after she was originally rumoured to be associated with the game, and so we went directly to the source, asking Game Director Hyung-Tae Kim if the rumours were true.

“Yes, we did base the character of Eve on the model Shin Jae-eun,” he confirmed. “We thought that her body shape would be a good reference for the character that we were pursuing. But the face was created originally in-house – it’s just the body of the model that we scanned for the game.”

Asked why the team settled on Jae-eun as the game’s model, Kim elaborated: “Of course it depends on how you define beautiful bodies, but for us we wanted to come up with the most attractive looking body for the user, so this is why we made the decision to work with her.”

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Where Can You See More of the Real-Life Model Eve from Stellar Blade Is Based On?

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You can follow Shin Jae-eun — the real-life model developer Shift Up scanned into Stellar Blade to create Eve's body — on Instagram, where she currently has over 700,000 followers. Shin Jae-eun also has an X (or Twitter) account with over 200,000 followers, a YouTube account with 140,000 subscribers, and a TikTok account with 2,000 followers. For more exclusive content, you can also subscribe to her Likey account for direct messaging and more.

Who Are Eve from Stellar Blade's Official Cosplayers?

In order to promote Stellar Blade's launch in Asia, Sony hired a slew of models and influencers to cosplay as the Stellar Blade heroine. These included, Korean cheerleader Lee Dahye, Indonesian influencer Larissa Rochefort, Singaporean star Rurusama, and Malaysian model Le Josette. All four appeared at various launch events around the Asian region.

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