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  • Game of the Year 2018 #5 - Detroit: Become Human

    Paranoid androids

    Quantic Dream has never been a studio to shy away from moral dilemmas and the big questions. Just look at its previous two releases, Heavy Rain and Beyond: Two Souls. While Heavy Rain used a detective story to explore loss and desperation, Beyond: Two Souls considers fitting in and finding your place in the world. Detroit: Become...

  • News Quantic Dream's Best Game Detroit: Become Human Just £13.99

    Join the revolution

    Detroit: Become Human may not have generated quite the same amount of hype as God of War and Marvel’s Spider-Man, but it’s absolutely played a part in a great spread of smash hit exclusives for Sony this year. And if you’ve been on the fence about the sci-fi story game, you can take a chance on the title for little more...

  • News Detroit: Become Human Has Sold More Than Two Million Units Worldwide

    Quantic Dream's fastest selling game

    Detroit: Become Human is comfortably Quantic Dream’s best game to date, and it’s also its fastest selling. Sony has revealed that the title has now surpassed sales in the region of two million units worldwide, which is impressive when you consider it released at the end of May. It took the French studio...




  • News Detroit: Become Human's Box Art Is Just As Bad in Japan


    Detroit: Become Human’s box art, a close-up of android rebellion leader Marcus’s right eye, is probably one of the worst covers of the PlayStation 4 era. But box art is always better in Japan, right? Right? Wrong. Look at this atrocity: It looks like a straight-to-VHS 90s sci-fi thriller shot entirely on a Sony Handycam in...

  • Talking Point What Do You Think of the Detroit: Become Human Demo?

    King Connor

    God of War is finally out, but Sony’s selection of PlayStation 4 exclusives just keeps on growing. Detroit: Become Human is the next adventure on the docket, and there’s a demo for the title on the PlayStation Store right now. This allows you to play one of the opening scenes from Quantic Dream’s latest, starring a detective...

  • News Detroit: Become Human Demo Puts in Surprise Appearance

    But only in New Zealand

    Detroit: Become Human, the anticipated narrative adventure from Quantic Dream, has received a demo – but at the time of typing it’s only available in New Zealand. The free 3GB sampler allows you to play through the rooftop sequence which has appeared at various conventions and conferences over the past few years. Your...

  • News Detroit: Become Human Has Three Different Composers

    Sound off

    Here’s an interesting story: Quantic Dream’s upcoming android-based narrative adventure Detroit: Become Human has three different composers, each of whom has been assigned a different character. Kara’s music has been composed by cellist Philip Sheppard, who used his instrument to create a quite sombre sound. Meanwhile,...

  • News Detroit: Become Human Will Drop Cyborg Jaws on PS4 Pro

    HDR supported on both systems

    We’ve been lucky enough to play Detroit: Become Human a handful of times now, and we can confirm that it’s shaping up to be a stunner. And speaking across a couple of GDC panels last month, Quantic Dream has detailed exactly how the title will perform on the standard PlayStation 4, as well as the supercharged PS4...



  • News Detroit: Become Human Doubles Down on Spring Release Date

    Paranoid android

    As one PlayStation 4 exclusive release date saga comes to a conclusion, so begins another: Quantic Dream has doubled down on Detroit: Become Human’s spring launch window. The French developer’s been saying that the androids-against-ordinary-folk adventure will launch in the spring for some time, but it reconfirmed the target in...


  • News UK Politicians and Campaigners Lobby Against Detroit: Become Human

    Exclusive attracts controversy

    Those of you old enough to remember the name Jack Thompson will recall a time when video games were considered Public Enemy No. 1, and various politicians and campaigners were forever lobbying to get them banned. It’s all gone quiet on that front lately, but Detroit: Become Human’s controversial “child abuse”...





  • News Detroit: Become Human Will Usher a Robot Revolution in 2018

    Robot uprising

    There was no date at the end of Detroit: Become Human’s gameplay demo at E3 2017, but the title is slated for release next year. Speaking with GameSpot, auteur David Cage revealed: “It’ll be next year.” Sony’s being a bit weird with dates: it confirmed any titles with a 2018 target during its press conference are due in



  • News Quantic Dream Wraps Mo-Cap on PS4's Detroit: Become Human

    Robot wars

    Detroit: Become Human looks like it's still a little way away, but Quantic Dream did complete motion capture for the PlayStation 4 exclusive earlier this week. The French developer tweeted on Friday that it had wrapped Valorie Curry's scenes as Kara, and it sounds like that's all of the performances done, as there's a picture of director...


  • News PS4 Exclusives Detroit, Dreams May Not Make 2017 After All

    Keep dreamin'

    Remember that fun little montage PlayStation Europe made to promote upcoming PlayStation 4 exclusives? It got people in a right tiswas over the New Year break. In addition to a couple of incorrect 'Console Exclusive' tags – innocent mistakes, we're sure – many picked up on the fact that both Detroit: Become Human and




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