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  • News Anticipated Sequel Psychonauts 2 Delayed to 2020

    All change

    It’s all change at developer Double Fine: the studio is now part of Microsoft’s first-party portfolio and Psychonauts 2 has been delayed. The anticipated sequel – which was originally due out in 2019 – will now deploy in 2020. Don’t worry about the Xbox acquisition, though – it’ll still launch on the PlayStation 4, as...






  • Soapbox Everything's Goalless Universe Is PS4's Most Relaxing Playground

    Stephen thinks the lack of structure is one of the game’s best traits

    There’s a tips page in Everything's Help menu. The first bullet point on this list of hints is by far the most important, and it informs you of exactly the type of game you’re about to play. It doesn’t tell you about a specific feature, or tell you any controls, or...

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    Review Gang Beasts

    Wobble makers

    Odds are that you’ve at least heard of Gang Beasts, the multiplayer brawler from developer Boneloaf. It’s been available on PC via early access for years, not to mention its numerous appearances at gaming shows, so you may well have already played it, too. However, the game has now finally launched in full, and what great timing...



  • News Psychonauts 2 Seems to Be Coming Along Nicely

    'Nauts to see here

    Psychonauts 2 is the impossible sequel that we often forget exists. But exist it does, as this ‘First Playable’ milestone that Double Fine has revealed evidences. Now, let’s be clear: the game is still some way away and this is all very much work in progress, but essentially the studio’s managed to collate enough content...


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    Review GNOG

    Use your GNOGgin

    PlayStation VR is still a young peripheral, and with that we’ve come to expect some growing pains. Dating back to the headset's launch, there’s been a surprisingly high volume of worthwhile titles offered, including some truly great games. But alongside that, there’s also been a glut of high-price, low-quality "experiences"...



  • News Trippy PS4 Puzzler GNOG Gets Inside Your Head on 2nd May

    The miniaturist

    Bizarre PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR puzzler GNOG will get inside your head on 2nd May, publisher Double Fine has revealed. The trippy title essentially tasks you with tinkering with the heads of giant celestial space beings – or something like that, to be honest we're not entirely sure. The game will cost £12.99/$14.99, but...

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    Review Everything

    Mind blowing

    If there's one truth that can be guaranteed in this universe it's that Everything will divide opinion like few other games. The scientific simulation comes courtesy of Mountain maker David OReilly and promises the impossible: the ability to control everything in the universe – including the very fabrics of space itself. But can such...




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    Review Headlander


    If a time traveller journeyed through time and told us that a 2D Metroidvania title would be one of the best games Double Fine ever released, we'd both scoff in disbelief and question why said time lord didn't tell us something more important, like who wins the US Election – or whether Paul Blart: Mall Cop 3 is ever made. See, on paper,...

  • News Lose Your Head Over Headlander on PS4 This Month

    Body shop

    Double Fine's quite literally lost its mind this time: Headlander, the latest title from Tim Schafer's team, is a game about a disembodied head. Sounds weird, right – until you remember that Rebellion's Neverdead did a similar thing. While that game was full-on grindhouse, however, this headless adventure is spoofing 70s sci-fi hard...


  • News PS2 Platformer Psychonauts Is Out on PS4 Now

    Well, in North America

    PlayStation 2 platformer Psychonauts is getting a sequel as well as a PlayStation VR spin-off, but you may be wondering what this series is all about. The original's a bit of a cult classic, launching to muted sales but real critical acclaim, and now it's getting another shot at success on the PlayStation 4, courtesy of...


  • News PS2 Platformer Psychonauts Levitates onto PS4 This Spring

    Raz more like it

    Psychonauts was what you'd call a cult classic back on the PlayStation 2 - and it's now on course for a PlayStation 4 release in the relatively near future. As with the other last-last-gen titles that Sony's been allowing onto its newest console, we assume that it'll feature trophy support, and will more than likely boast enhanced...



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    Review Broken Age

    If it ain't broke, don't fix it

    Broken Age is the newest release from Double Fine, the developer founded by adventure game legend Tim Schafer. The release is noteworthy for having a massively successful Kickstarter campaign; with a goal of $400,000, the studio ended up raising almost $3.5 million. Of course, with huge money came big expectations,...

  • News Costume Quest 2 Gets a Timely European Release Date

    A trick and a treat

    After spending, oh, just the eight months in SCEE quality assurance hell, Costume Quest 2 is finally ready for, er, Hallowe'en. The game's already available on the PlayStation 3 in Europe, but missed the Holiday of Horrors by some margin on the PlayStation 4. There's no word as to why the game was delayed – maybe it couldn't...



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    Review Costume Quest 2

    Trick or treat?

    Costume Quest 2 is the latest game from lauded developer Double Fine, and is actually the firm’s first full-blown sequel to boot. The title depicts the continuing adventures of twins Reynold and Wren, as they combat a time travelling delinquent dentist determined to destroy Hallowe’en and its teeth-decaying deeds. Much like the...




  • News Psychonauts Launches on PSN Next Week

    Naut but good news

    Double Fine’s memorable PlayStation 2 adventure Psychonauts is coming to the North American PlayStation Store on 28th August, platform holder Sony has announced. The unhinged adventure will launch as a bog-standard PS2 Classic, so don’t expect any fancy visual upgrades or Trophy support. There’s no word on a price tag just...


  • News Minecraft Creator Makes Psychonauts 2 Offer

    Through Twitter, of course

    Earlier today, Double Fine Studios founder Tim Schafer told Digital Spy that he'd tried and failed, on multiple occasions, to find a publisher willing to support a sequel to Psychonauts. Released on PlayStation 2 back in 2005 to critical acclaim, the developer acknowledged that there was plenty of appetite for a follow-up...





  • News Ron Gilbert Hangs Out With Schafer And Company At Double Fine

    Legendary video game funny-man - and DeathSpank designer - Ron Gilbert has confirmed he's reunited with his old friend Tim Schafer at Double Fine

    The duo were pivotal at LucasArts back in the day — but now are rocking out together on the Brutal Legend developers' tour-bus. Actually no - Ron's just borrowing Shafer's desk. “For the last couple of months Tim has been loaning me his desk here, as..






  • News Download Festival Fans Smash Air Guitar World Record

    Good grief, this is why we're not excited over Brutal Legend

    We hate metal, we hate Jack Black and we don't have a strange affinity Tim Schafer like everyone else seems to. Thus there's not much going for Brutal Legend in our opinion. Alas, different strokes for different folks and all, so we'll grit our teeth and write this piece about the pompous sleaze that is Download Festival. EA made lots of..

  • News Activision Suing Double Fine Over Brutal Legend

    Yahoo are reporting that Brutal Legend developer Double Fine have received a lawsuit from Activision to "stop the release" of the game

    Activision claim they have invested "roughly $15 million" into the game's development and that "it still has a valid contract to release the game". Double Fine transferred to Electronic Arts late last year. EA commented on Activision's legal..

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