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  • News Valve Acquires Firewatch Developer Campo Santo

    In the valley of Gaben

    Valve has acquired acclaimed indie developer Campo Santo, the team behind vibrant walking simulator Firewatch and the upcoming In the Valley of Gods. While the studio will relocate to Bellevue, it’ll continue to operate autonomously, meaning that it will still be making its own games on its own terms. Presumably it’ll just...



  • News PS4 Controller Scoring Full Native Steam Support

    Turn the Valve

    The DualShock 4 has become a popular controller option for PC players, and so Valve is adding native compatibility for the PlayStation 4 peripheral on its Steam platform. "Believe it or not, when you use the PS4 controller through the Steam API, it's exactly the same as a Steam controller," Jeff Bellinghausen said during a panel at...



  • News So, That Other VR Headset Will Cost You $800


    This story's not really PlayStation related, but it's relevant to the virtual reality discussion, so we're just putting it out there: HTC's Vive will retail for a cool $799.99 when it starts shipping in April 2016. Assuming that you've got enough kidneys to sell, pre-orders will begin at 10:00AM ET on 29th February. This obviously makes the...


  • News Portal 2 Adds PlayStation Move Support Later This Year

    Brain teaser

    If you couldn’t fathom why Portal 2 popped up in a montage during Sony’s press conference last night, Valve has finally provided an explanation: Portal 2 In Motion, a new DLC pack for Portal 2 on PS3, is set to launch later this year The content, currently playable on the E3 show-floor, adds the levels originally available for the...

  • News Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Deploys on 21st August

    Boom, headshot

    The next instalment in the massively popular Counter-Strike series will attack PlayStation Network on 21st August, Valve has announced. Counter-Strike: Global Offensive will feature new weapons, characters and maps, alongside a handful of classic Counter-Strike favourites. It’ll support PlayStation Move and mouse/keyboard controls...


  • News LittleBigPlanet 2 Scoops Up Two BAFTA Awards

    Portal 2 takes home Game of the Year

    Valve’s first-person puzzler Portal 2 took home the coveted Game of the Year gong at last night’s glitzy BAFTA awards ceremony in London. The brilliant brain bender was the biggest winner on the night, scooping up an additional two awards for best Design and Story. Despite being nominated in five categories,...

  • News Valve Yanks Cross Play from Counter Strike

    Forever alone

    Valve has pulled cross-platform compatibility from its downloadable Counter Strike reboot, Counter Strike: Global Offensive. The developer originally intended to allow players to compete across PC, Mac and PlayStation 3, but the company has since decided to strip away the feature in favour of more frequent updates on the PC and Mac...





  • News Valve Claims It's Not Showing Anything At E3 This Year

    Remember last year? Valve said that it wasn't showing anything at E3, only for gaffer Gabe Newell to show up at Sony's press conference and announce Portal 2 for PlayStation 3

    With Portal 2 come and gone, Valve has said it is definitely not showing anything at this year's E3. We really wouldn't be surprised if the developer had a change of heart and ended up showing something. Perhaps something..





  • News Gabe Newell Teases Three "Big Announcements" From Valve

    Valve's big boss-man Gabe Newell has revealed that fans should expect three "big announcements" from his company this year

    “I can guarantee you people are going to be surprised at stuff we do. That isn’t going to stop any time soon,” Newell told PC Gamer. “I’m just laughing because… people will be shocked again. “We have three pretty big surprises in the next 12 months at least.” It's kind..






  • News Valve "Reconsidering" Playstation 3 Development At Long Last

    We've been very vocal about Valve and their refusal to develop on Playstation 3

    But thing have changed since Valve last shot their mouth off. Sony essentially re-marketed the Playstation 3 in the backend of last year, and the console has since emerged as a worthy contender in the console war, rather than a straddler. That's not totally changed Valves mind about the system, but it seems, in the..


  • News Valve Employee Commits Fanboy Suicide, Labels Playstation 3 Community Inferior

    Look Valve, we get it

    You're bad programmers who can't be bothered to learn a more complicated platform. You make the majority of your cash from Microsoft backhanders, so they can tout the "exclusivity" of your games which aren't even exclusive in the first place. Guys, we know about it, we've heard you tell us. What we really don't take to kindly too, is the treatment of any video games..

  • News Randy Pitchford Calls Out Valve Over Playstation 3 Stance

    Gearbox's Randy Pitchfod thinks Valve are "foolish" to not support Playstation 3 development

    “I noticed something on the net not too long ago. Doug Lombardi had to take a swipe at the PS3 again, and I thought it was foolish,” Pitchford told OPM. “I read it the same way I read fanboys. Like there’s a guy who bought the Sony platform and he’s a Sony guy, so he decides he’s going to spend a..



  • News Valve Looking To Assemble A Talented Playstation 3 Team

    We've been a bit harsh on Valve in the past

    We know they're a small company who make their bread and butter building PC games. And as such we know those games can be ported to the XBOX 360 with ease. It does irritate us when great games don't get released on a system with an audience waiting to buy them though. Still, it seems Valve aren't quite as down on Playstation 3 development than we'd..