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  • Review Overcooked - A Delicious Slice of Culinary Co-Op

    Frying pan-ic

    Republished on Wednesday 1st May 2019: We're bringing this review back from the archives following the announcement of May's PlayStation Plus lineup. The original text follows. Too many cooks spoil the broth – or so the saying goes. The fellows at Ghost Town Games may have taken this on-board when developing its debut indie effort...








  • News Ghost Town Games Is Teasing New Overcooked 2 Content for October


    The Overcooked games are a firm favourite when it comes to cooperative gaming, so whenever something new starts brewing, you know we'll be there to get a taster. Right now, it seems the developer, Ghost Town Games, is almost ready to reveal the first DLC for Overcooked 2, and it's looking very sunny indeed. Whatever it turns out to be,...

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    Review Planet Alpha

    Out of this world

    We all know the difference between day and night on Earth, but do light and darkness cause similar transformations on alien worlds? This is the question driving Planet Alpha, a 2D platformer featuring an unnamed spaceman, stranded on a mysterious planet. To escape, our lost astronaut is going to have to delve deeper into an unknown...


  • News Enjoy a Second Helping of Overcooked 2 When New Game + Arrives on PS4

    Michelin star

    Overcooked 2 is a delightful, fun multiplayer game to enjoy with your friends, but it can also provide a very stern challenge, especially for those chefs looking to reach a three star rating in every kitchen. If you were able to breeze through the game's tricky levels, however, Team 17 has cooked up a New Game + mode, which will be...

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    Review Overcooked 2

    New and improved recipe

    With Overcooked, Ghost Town Games landed upon a delicious recipe for co-operative cooking chaos that dished up a perfect helping of frantic fun. Although fairly short and straightforward in structure, the fiendishly designed levels meant players really did have to communicate effectively to succeed, and it's this that makes...

  • Interview Chewing the Fat with Overcooked 2 Developer Ghost Town Games

    Chef chat

    The Overcooked games are a real treat on PS4. The first was a modestly sized but perfectly executed co-op game that players of all ages and skill could enjoy, and Overcooked 2 builds on this firm foundation with new features, including the highly requested online play. We caught up with Phil Duncan of Ghost Town Games to talk about the...


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    Review Mugsters

    Mug shot

    Our time with Mugsters has been short, it has been simple, and it has been sweet. Mugsters is the newest game from the publisher behind Overcooked, The Escapists 2, Yooka-Laylee, and most recently Yoku’s Island Express. Knowing all that, Mugsters has some big shoes to fill. Can it keep up with the endless wonder of Yooka-Laylee? Can...

  • News Mugsters, a Curious Action Puzzle Game, Is Heading to PS4 in July

    Release date announced in new trailer

    We've been keeping a watchful eye on Mugsters since its announcement last year, and it's looking rather interesting. Your aim in each sandbox style level is to escape the encroaching alien threat by solving environmental puzzles and defeating baddies with...



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    Review Yoku's Island Express

    Pinball Wizard

    Because many video games lean on familiar gameplay loops, archetypal characters, and genre conventions, when you're reviewing them it can sometimes feel like you're saying exactly the same thing about a game that you already wrote about previously. But every now and again you'll have to write a sentence during a review that you know...

  • News Learn More About Yoku's Island Express in New Story Trailer

    Postman bug

    Yoku's Island Express is a bit of an oddball concept, but there's no denying its whimsical charm. Team 17's latest game has you playing as the titular bug, delivering mail across Mokumana Island and bouncing around through pinball-esque platforming environments. The brand new trailer, embedded above, goes into the game's overarching...





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    Review Worms Battlegrounds

    At war with itself

    Republished on Wednesday 1st November 2017: We're bringing this review back from the archives following the announcement of November's PlayStation Plus lineup. The original text follows. Way back in the hazy days of 1995, we doubt that plucky British studio Team 17 imagined that it would be making Worms games a...


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    Review Aven Colony


    Aven Colony tells the story of the human colonisation of an alien world, and each mission of the fifteen hour campaign is a variation on that one, singular idea. Like Earth, the planet offers everything from frozen tundra to lush, fertile landscapes capable of supporting the growth of crops like corn and wheat. The aim of the game is to...


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    Review Yooka-Laylee

    Me Tooie

    The problem with Yooka-Laylee is that pretty much every criticism levelled at the throwback platformer can be waved away with a 90s novelty foam hand: it's supposed to be that way. But where recent revivals like Shovel Knight have managed to revisit games gone by through rose-tinted glasses, Playtonic's take on the Nintendo 64 classics of...


  • Video Does Yooka-Laylee Delight on the PS4?

    Early impressions of Playtonic's platformer

    Snake Pass is kick-starting a retro platformer renaissance this week, but Yooka-Laylee is right around the corner. We've been playing the Banjo-Kazooie throwback for a good few weeks now, and we figured it was worth pulling together a bit of gameplay footage (under strict pre-release guidance from...

  • News Yooka-Laylee's Platinum Trophy Looks Reasonably Achievable

    Bat crazy?

    Yooka-Laylee is a collectathon at heart, so you're probably going to want to get all of its Trophies on the PlayStation 4. And fortunately it's looking like a relatively straight-forward Platinum to nab – you're just going to have to keep your eye out for all of those pesky pagies and quills. While it does seem like there's an awful lot...



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    Review Worms W.M.D

    Wriggly good

    Explosions litter the battlefield, reducing soldiers to nothing more than corpses and gravestones. A poisonous gas sneaks around, grasping its enemies and withering them away to a point of no return. A hawk-eyed missile eerily seeks out its victim, locating and dispatching them with mechanical ease. War, you see, has changed. But all...



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    Review Sheltered

    Crawl out through the fallout

    Sheltered is a strategy game about ensuring that your family survives after a nuclear apocalypse. To be totally fair, it's about a lot more than that – resource management, adventuring, trading, etc – but you'll spend the majority of your time with this plucky indie not thinking about those things in the abstract,...


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    Review The Escapists: The Walking Dead

    Daily Grimes

    The Escapists: The Walking Dead is an aptly named amalgamation of the prison break indie game, The Escapists, coupled with the smash hit comic book and TV series, The Walking Dead. It takes all of the original game's mechanics and fits them into the world of Rick Grimes' undead uber-brand. As expected from a game set in that world,...


  • News PT's Spiritual Successor Could Sport PlayStation VR Support


    This author's been thinking about horror on PlayStation VR a lot lately. Regular readers will have gazed at our article on Kitchen, the virtual reality tech demo by Capcom that caused this author to come out in cold sweats. The thing is, that experience is nowhere near as frightening as PT, so the

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    Review Overruled!

    Case dismissed

    Overruled! is a frantic, diverse brawler in which yourself and three other players compete against each other in order to amass points, with the highest total winning the match. Your score is determined by your performance in a selection of objectives, as well through more conventional means, like attacking your opponents – but...


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    Review Beyond Eyes

    Feline fine

    Video games are like empathy generators. More than any other medium they allow us to feel what it might be like to be another type of person. Beyond Eyes is great example of this – a game which attempts to simulate the experience of being blind. But while it plays host to some fiendishly clever design, its slow pace and slightly...


  • News Team 17 Worms in on PS4 Platformer Yooka-Laylee

    Publisher brought in for 'boring' bits

    It feels like eons ago that Yooka-Laylee double-jumped onto Kickstarter and took crowd-funding by storm. The platformer holds the record for the highest earning British game on the site, but its mere £2 million tally has been overshadowed somewhat by the successes of Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night and...



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    Review The Escapists

    Bored behind bars

    Every great prison break in history has been executed by someone with the ability to make a fully functioning machine gun out of two plastic forks, a DVD of Adam Sandler's 1989 cinematic masterpiece Going Overboard, and three inches of wire. The Escapists teaches you everything that you need to know when you inevitably get locked...

  • News The Escapists Flee to PS4 from 29th May

    No plans for a Vita version, though

    We're not quite sure why it's taken Team 17 so long to bring its roster of intriguing indie titles to the PlayStation 4, but with the somewhat disappointing LA Cops now out of the way, it's the turn of The Escapists to break free from the shackles of other systems – and find sanctuary on Sony's new-gen...


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    Review LA Cops


    Hotline Miami's not necessarily the kind of game that you'd expect to attract a string of copycats, but LA Cops follows developer Dennaton's brutal blueprint down to the most specific of details. You play as one of six clichéd LAPD law enforcers, with your objective to bring justice to some of America's most wanted. You'll do this by...

  • News LA Cops Styles Its Afro on PS4 Next Week


    Team 17 is on a bit of a PlayStation 4 binge right now, as it's announced that LA Cops will be cuffing itself to Sony's next-gen machine starting next week. The afro-adorning isometric shooter can perhaps be best compared to Hotline Miami, as you tactically infiltrate criminal settlements in your shades and proceed to, ahem, take out the...

  • News The Escapists Is Finally Making a Run for It on PS4

    Leg it, lads

    Innovative indie The Escapists is finally breaking out on PlayStation 4, Team 17 has revealed. Playing as prison inmates as you attempt to plan and carry out an escape attempt, the 2D title can be quite brutal, especially if you haven't sewn up all of your loose ends. It's a rather in-depth release, too, boasting plenty of content to...


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    Review Flockers

    Sheep thrills

    In the nineties, Lemmings was so popular with gamers that it appeared on a mind boggling number of platforms, as millions tried – with varying degrees of success – to guide the careless rodents to safety. Since those heady days, you don’t see many titles that follow the Lemmings formula, but with the release of Flockers on the...




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    Review Worms: Revolution Extreme

    Extreme port

    Originally released for the PlayStation 3 last year, we found Worms: Revolution to be “a game that will appeal more to old school fans, as newcomers will find it frustrating due to its control issues”. Having made the jump to the PlayStation Vita with all three of its DLC packs and a subtle name expansion, does the touch-friendly...


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    Review Superfrog HD

    Princely or wince-worthy?

    Superfrog HD is the remake of an Amiga classic from 1993 and was made by the trusted people at Team 17, who are famous for the Worms series. The narrative is not really groundbreaking, but it tells the sweet love story of a prince and a princess. As with all magical kingdoms, though, fate has something else in mind for the...



  • News Alien Breed Infects the PS3 and Vita Next Month

    They're coming out of the walls

    Not content with its recent PlayStation Mobile port, Team 17 has announced that its retro run-and-gun arcade blaster Alien Breed is coming to both the PlayStation 3 and Vita next month. The British studio – which is best known for its anthropomorphic annelids – is aiming to take advantage of various cross-platform...


  • News Worms Revolution Attacks PlayStation 3 This October

    Early bird

    Worms Revolution is set to slither onto the PlayStation Network on 10th October, developer Team 17 has announced. The latest entry in the long-running multiplayer series promises a host of new features, including “new physics objects, dynamic water and an awesome class system”. In order to celebrate the announcement, Team 17’s...






  • News Alien Breed: Impact Coming To Playstation 3 This Summer

    Team 17's finally announced that Alien Breed: Impact - an expanded version of XBOX Live Arcade exclusive Alien Breed: Evolution - will launch on the Playstation Store this summer

    Alien Breed: Impact's a new entry in the classic Alien Breed franchise. It's a game where you shoot things. Lots of them. The press release notes: "Alien Breed: Impact is now tougher and requires more individual..



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