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  • News Could Call of Juarez: Gunslinger Be Making a Comeback?

    Red dead

    Red Dead Redemption 2 ain’t the only fastest finger in town, as Call of Juarez: Gunslinger wants to be a part of the conversation. Techland’s underrated PlayStation 3 shooter used the unreliable narrator technique to good effect, providing an arcade campaign constantly changing as protagonist Silas Greaves revised the details of his...


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    Review Pure Farming 2018


    The mainstream success of the farming genre may be attributed directly to a certain YouTube video showing tractors breakdancing to dubstep, but agricultural adventures are big business these days. Case in point: Techland’s Pure Farming 2018 is the latest in a long line of pretenders attempting to cull Giants Software’s ripened crown. But...


  • News 'Cos Baby, Dying Light's Got Bad Blood

    Five player Battle Royale mode on the way

    Dying Light’s taking a page out of Taylor Swift’s song sheet and getting Bad Blood with a standalone Battle Royale-inspired spin-off in 2018. Inspired by PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds and Fortnite: Battle Royale, there’s one big catch: it’ll only feature five players as opposed to the hundred...



  • News It Sounds Like Dying Light 2 Is in Development

    Baseball bats at the ready

    Polish studio Techland is likely working on a sequel to Dying Light, its incredibly popular open world undead-'em-up which launched in January last year. The developer recently announced that it currently has two projects on the go, and while Dying Light 2 wasn't talked about officially, the studio certainly made it...







  • News Dead Island "Game of the Year" Edition Reanimated in June

    Shuffling into stores

    Whether or not Dead Island deserves its “Game of the Year” moniker, the open-world zombie title is definitely getting a re-release this summer. Publisher Deep Silver has confirmed the repackaged version of the undead adventure in a press release this afternoon, and it’s set to launch on 26th June in North America. Those...

  • News Dead Island: Game of the Year Edition Rises in June

    Ratings board reveals re-release

    We don’t mean to be snarky, but did Dead Island actually win any game of the year awards? Sure, the Techland title had some great ideas, but the execution was far too sloppy to grant it any gongs in our eyes. Still, that’s not stopped British ratings board, the BBFC, from listing a "Game of the Year"...



  • News Dead Island Ships A Whopping 3 Million Units Worldwide

    Dead Island is proof that you only need one amazing trailer to achieve commercial success

    Despite launching with a slew of snags, the morbid Techland developed zombie slasher has shipped a whopping three million units worldwide. Deep Silver's manager of marketing and PR, Aubrey Norris, revealed the news to Game Informer: "Dead Island has sold very, very well over the holiday season and we are..


  • Rumour Ubisoft Working On New Call Of Juarez?

    Call Of Juarez: The Cartel didn't get the strongest critical reception, but it definitely had some cool ideas

    Sadly the execution just wasn't quite up to snuff. But that's not stopping Ubisoft mulling over a sequel. According to The Gaming Liberty, players that synced The Cartel with their Uplay accounts have been sent a survey, asked to discuss the game's strengths and weaknesses. While the site..

  • News Dead Island's Bloodbath Arena DLC Takes Down The Undead On November 22nd

    After some heavy delays reserved to fix Dead Island's main campaign, publisher Deep Silver has attached a November 22nd release date to the game's first DLC pack, Bloodbath Arena

    The pack includes several single-player and multiplayer “Horde-style challenges in four different arenas". Any XP earned in the DLC will be transferable to the single-player campaign, prompting new opportunities to..

  • News Dead Island Patch Coming Wednesday

    After a troublesome launch period, publisher Deep Silver has announced that first-person zombie title, Dead Island, will receive a new patch on PS3 this Wednesday

    The update will see a number of improvements applied to the game, including an increased level cap, a variety of balance changes and a slew technical fixes. Techland previously delayed Dead Island's first DLC pack, Bloodbath Arena, in..

  • News Techland Trademarks Dead World

    Before Dead Island launched, developer Techland was committed to a life of good ideas and grotty execution

    Both nail'd and Call Of Juarez: The Cartel — Techland's other two releases this year — suffered from the same fate. But Dead Island was different; it had polish, and for the first time in the developer's history, it seemed to have a budget too. It wasn't going to take long before hints..


  • News Techland Working On Downloadable ATV Racer For Ubisoft

    Chances are you never played Techland's Nail'd

    We did. It was actually pretty alright. The game had an extreme sports edge to it which meant you spent more time flying through the air than actually driving on the ground. We never thought we'd see a sequel to Nail'd, and to be honest we probably still won't. But that's not stopped Ubisoft from commissioning the European developer to produce a..











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