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  • Guide Upcoming PSVR Games in 2018

    PlayStation VR's second wave

    PSVR was one of the industry's biggest success stories in 2017. With over two million PlayStation VR headsets sold and a slew of excellent titles released over the past year, the platform is shaping up to be the essential accompaniment to the PlayStation 4 experience. Even more excitingly, it's just got a spangly new...

  • Hands On WipEout PSVR Will Absolutely Melt Your Mind

    Free patch is a game changer

    What the freakin’ heck? Sony casually dropped the PlayStation VR patch for WipEout Omega Collection today, and it’s transformed the fast-paced futuristic racer into one of the best virtual reality experiences you’ll find on the platform. This is an extraordinary achievement – it’s so impressive that we’re...

  • News Free GT Sport Update Adds Cars, Improves PSVR Features, More

    New track! New Scapes!

    Gran Turismo Sport is the gift that keeps giving and giving, with Polyphony Digital pledging yet another massive free update for the simulation racer today. Due out from 29th March, the patch bundles a bevy of new features and content, including a whopping 13 extra cars. Here’s the full list: Honda Raybrig Concept-GT...

  • News WipEout Omega Collection PSVR Update is Available Now


    We hope you don't get travel sickness -- WipEout Omega Collection's free virtual reality update is here and ready for takeoff. As you can see from the launch trailer embedded above, you'll be able to pilot your favourite ships (and even some new ones) from a new cockpit view. You can play any of the game's modes in PlayStation VR too,...

  • News PlayStation VR Becomes Even More Affordable as Sony Cuts Prices

    RRP reduced in Europe and USA

    It's no secret that PlayStation VR is the most attainable of the high-end virtual reality headsets, but Sony is lowering the barrier to entry even further. In North America, PSVR is now available for a new RRP of $299.99, down from $399.99. This price pertains to the Doom VFR bundle, which includes the headset, a...

  • 5


    Review Floor Plan

    Going down

    Floor Plan is far from the first puzzle game to release for PlayStation VR, with Statik, GNOG, and Wayward Sky all being notable releases from earlier in its lifecycle. What makes Floor Plan different to the others is its setting and its new concept of multi-layered puzzles across multiple floors. Set entirely within an elevator, you...

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