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  • News PlayStation VR Shooter StarBlood Arena Goes Gold

    And there'll be a retail release

    PlayStation VR powered first-person shooter StarBlood Arena has gone gold ahead of its 11th April release date. The high-octane virtual reality experience promises to deliver a variety of modes, pilots, and weapons when you strap yourself in to the action. You'll obviously be able to snap this one up from the...

  • News Trippy PS4 Puzzler GNOG Gets Inside Your Head on 2nd May

    The miniaturist

    Bizarre PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR puzzler GNOG will get inside your head on 2nd May, publisher Double Fine has revealed. The trippy title essentially tasks you with tinkering with the heads of giant celestial space beings – or something like that, to be honest we're not entirely sure. The game will cost £12.99/$14.99, but...

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    Review Korix


    Korix is a real-time, strategy, tower defence PlayStation VR title. Your world has been destroyed and your race is on the brink of extinction, so you must rally your troops, rebuild your defences, and launch a revenge attack. The game's campaign is level based, each beginning by laying out a different landscape, which consists of a large...

  • Video We Need a Full-Length Danganronpa VR Game

    No objections

    Not all series are well suited to PlayStation VR, but the Cyber Danganronpa VR: Class Trial demo that's available for free from the PlayStation Store right now proves that Spike Chunsoft's sleuth-'em-up absolutely is. The demo may only be short, but it captures the courtroom drama of its parent property perfectly, and while the YouTube...

  • News Farpoint's Full Experience Will Cost You a Pretty Penny

    Start saving

    From what we've played, PlayStation VR FPS Farpoint is pretty awesome – but we always felt that Sony needed to find a way to bundle the title with the PlayStation VR Aim Controller for the price of a standard retail game. Unfortunately, it's failed. While the game will cost £49.99/$49.99 without the peripheral, you'll need to pay...

  • Guide How to Update PlayStation VR's System Software

    Virtual reality firmware updates

    Just like the PS4, Sony is also releasing firmware updates for the PlayStation VR headset. But how you update the virtual reality device's system software? In this guide, we show you how. How to Update PlayStation VR's system software: Here's how to download the latest firmware update for PlayStation VR: Connect...






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    Review Weeping Doll

    Tears for fears

    As a dark comedy, Weeping Doll would be just about the most amusing game on PlayStation VR right now – and that's high praise considering that the platform already plays host to the genuinely hilarious Job Simulator and Headmaster. But somehow we don't think that Chinese outfit TianShe Media had funnies in mind when it made this...

  • Video Weeping Doll Has the Worst Voice Acting on PS4

    Cry baby

    Lara Croft is no longer the worst voiced character on PlayStation 4; that Golden Raspberry's been scooped up by Artong in Weeping Doll, a new PlayStation VR horror game launched this week. This is very much a game in the same vein as P.T. or Layers of Fear, but the dialogue kills any sense of atmosphere that the creepy puppets may be...

  • Talking Point How's Your PlayStation VR Hype Holding Out?

    Virtual revolution?

    It's been two weeks since PlayStation VR released, and the headset is pretty much sold out around the world. While platform holder Sony is busy ramping up production in order to meet demand, we figured that it would be fun to poll some of you early adopters on your experience with virtual reality now that the initial enthusiasm...

  • Video Take a Peep at PlayStation VR Strategy Tethered

    All to Tether

    For eons developers have been pondering how to make strategy games work on standard controllers. Tethered, a new title from start-up Secret Sorcery, thinks that it's happened upon the solution: virtual reality. Using the PlayStation VR headset, this diorama-esque experience sees you playing God by using your gaze to, ahem, tether...

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    Review The Playroom VR

    Bot's your lot

    The Playroom VR is a collection of asymmetrical multiplayer minigames that show off the PlayStation VR headset's capabilities in many different ways. It's free and comes with a total of five mini-games to enjoy with your pals: Cat and Mouse, Monster Escape, Wanted, Ghost House, and Robots Rescue. Let's break them all down...

  • News UK Retailer GAME Defends Paid PlayStation VR Demos

    "Intended to give our customers access to exciting tech"

    Update (25th October, 12:00PM BST): GAME has released a statement regarding its controversial paid PlayStation VR demo plan. The company told us: "Our pay-to-play PlayStation VR experience is a GAME-led initiative. The cost to use the in-store PS4 pod is entirely refundable for customers...

  • News PlayStation VR Has Sold Out on Amazon in UK and US

    Best Buy, Walmart, and Target also experiencing some shortages

    Whether you're a fan of PlayStation VR or not, you have to admit that Sony's venture into virtual reality is selling very well. On both the US and UK Amazon pages, the headset'

  • News PlayStation VR Shifted Over 50,000 Units at Launch in Japan


    PlayStation VR got off to a solid if unspectacular start in Japan, with the futuristic facemask shifting 51,644 units during its first week on sale. Reports coming out of the East suggest that the accessory is totally sold out, so this is likely the sum of what Sony shipped to its home region. PlayStation VR Worlds moved a...

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    Review Harmonix Music VR


    As part of the launch lineup for Sony's PlayStation VR headset, there are a wealth of games, alongside some less interactive experiences. In between each of these is Harmonix Music VR, which fits neither bracket. The package boasts several different types of experience for you to mess around with. All of them involve playing music and...

  • Guide How to Watch Virtual Reality Porn on PlayStation VR

    Adults only

    For those of you who don't spend the day surrounded by supermodels sucking on Calippos, you may be wondering if you can put your spangly new PlayStation VR headset to… Alternative use. While manufacturer Sony has understandably shied away from making its peripheral's compatibility with porn public, we can confirm that the unit is able...

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    Review 100ft Robot Golf

    This 100ft bogey’s all over me

    Golf, eh? A gentleman's game, leisurely paced and frightfully mannered. Not the sort of real world sport you might immediately think to add giant mech suits and mass destruction to – but 100ft Robot Golf brings heavy metal mech mayhem to the PlayStation 4's first real-time PlayStation VR compatible golf game. The...

  • Guide How to Fix Blurry Images in PlayStation VR

    Out of focus

    PlayStation VR's resolution isn't flawless, so you're always going to get some degree of blurriness when wearing the headset. However, if you're struggling to read text or even see what's going on around you, then you may need to make some adjustments in order to get a clearer, focused experience. Here are some things that you can try...

  • Feature PlayStation VR's Non-Games Include Dark Fairy Tales and Dancing Pop Stars

    Allumette! Invasion! Kismet! VRideo!

    PlayStation VR is a gaming platform first and foremost, but virtual reality is capable of so much more. Imagine a future where you're able to sit in the dugout alongside Jose Mourinho, as Manchester United lift the Champions League for a third time. Or perhaps where you're able to ride shotgun in Earth's first...

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    Review Headmaster

    Back of the net

    Every professional footballer goes through a bad run of form, but it's particularly problematic when you're a striker and the goals dry up. Headmaster takes this very idea and spins it out into an entertaining virtual reality game, as you assume the role of a down-on-his-luck superstar who's been sent back to heading school. Your...

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